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The Bible to Self Awareness

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AWARENESS is Key.... so here's our thoughts

(by Donald Newsom) July 2, 2009

Turning your life over to the Creator means being of Service to Others. You are their Savior, their Friend.... their Hero.

One may rightly conclude from this that helping another, before you help yourself, is Love. If this were not the case, would we not be here by ourself? By knowing we are here together one may receive the greater understanding..... That YOU are more important than me in my Service to the Creator.

To neglect, omit or put ourselves "before" another is to neglect the Greater Part of Our Self... for we are indeed One.

(by Donald Newsom) January 30, 2014

"The only thing real is how you feel." ~ Quote by BBS Don

Your emotional body is your ability to manifest your desires in the physical.... and the desires of others that agree with yours.

It's what makes us special! That ability to manifest our desires in the physical with internal energies we've put in motion.

(by Donald Newsom) February 26, 2014

The Four Worlds of One Supreme Creator and many Gods.

1) Divine Emanation
2) Spiritual Creation
3) Vibrational Circulation
4) Physical Manifestation

We are all Gods enjoying limited perspectives.
....... We are divinely created and inspired. What else could define a God better than that?

Take heed all ye of unrecognized omnipotence! I'm a walking God, man!

(by Donald Newsom) June 05, 2015

It's in our teaching of Others that we become great students ourselves.

(by Donald Newsom) September 19, 2015

Life is a living statement, a live judgement of yourself and a personal testament as to who you are right now. In every moment you recreate yourself anew, and in that moment you define yourself.

(by Donald Newsom) November 03, 2015

A synchronicity is You showing Yourself that You are a God. Even time bends to Your will, impressing upon You Your own teachings. They are Your chronological keys.

(by Donald Newsom) November 03, 2015

When you approach, allow the moment to unfold. It is your blessing that you bestow when you give-in to the moment, and enjoy it for what it is. Who are you in this moment, and what does that mean in terms of how you feel? Is there anything about the moment you wish to change? If so, then why?

(by Donald Newsom) November 03, 2015

There is a peacefulness in forgiveness; a divine balancing of energies that transcends the physical and reshapes it into a harmonious moment of depth and meaning. The gratitude is in your blessing and your power is that of forgiveness.

(by Donald Newsom) December 16th, 2005

Justice is Divine!

It is arrogant and egotistical to form a judgment of another when you do not fully comprehend or understand the Divine Plan in its expansiveness or in its infinite detail.

Take comfort in knowing, there is Divine Justice that brings balance throughout. Understanding will come through the process of Self Evaluation. Ultimately, your will in joining with the Creator's, will Divine (reveal) ALL! You will review your life and the lessons you've learned, and reflect on their impact on your spiritual growth, with the understanding that every challenge you faced was already predetermined by your own free will.

(by Donald Newsom) December 11th, 2005

The journey back to the Creator is one of integration through re-membering. Each soul you encounter is an integral aspect of your Self. There will be neither loss nor denial of that which is apart of you.

As you perceive so shall you be perceived! For within Divine Unity you continuously meet yourself in every instance. Treat your fellow man, not only how you would be treated, but as a perfect teacher in that moment.

.... A being has come to you as a Divine aspect of your Self that must be honored and re-membered.

(by Donald Newsom) December 8th, 2005

The Doorway to Conscious Awareness is Your Conscience!

This must be stressed, for it is your inner guide, your Higher Self, that Divine Intuition, God, The Christed Light (Holy Spirit), your Spirit Guides/Angels that are communicating with you on a Soul Level. When you follow your conscience, you are continuously taking the next step toward enlightenment & growth.

Trust in the Truth of your conscience, and let it be your guide. The path that lays before you will inevitably follow your "Soul's Contract", the destiny you pre-chose for maximum spiritual growth.

(by Donald Newsom) December 2nd, 2005

As you set about your day, remember to take in each moment as it comes. In every instant you have a moment to recreate yourself in the greatest vision and version you had of your self.

Every moment is encoded into your memory complex, and leads you further along the path of spiritual growth.

Don't miss out on the excitement inherent in Life! Live it, with grand purpose, beautiful intent, love, joy and faith; faith in yourself, and faith in the understanding of your own perfection!

(by Donald Newsom) November 28th, 2005

We are an Imagination of the Creator, and as such, we must use our imagination to open up to the Totality of Reality (which is in part mental, physical and ethereal)!

To open up to multi-dimensional communication you must have an open mind.

By using your imagination, through an open mind, your intent can become one of exploration into the realm of the infinite.

Try closing your mind and having NO thoughts. It may be difficult at first, because we are not used to quieting our minds from the Ego's presence and its continuous NOISE.

ASK yourself to make a connection! ACCEPT the fact that you CAN connect with your Higher Self! Then, ALLOW yourself to connect!


Through practice, you will soon be able to completely blank your mind. Then allow your imagination to SOAR; allowing all thoughts to come without holding onto any of them.

A person must ask to be taught (ask for lessons) before any lessons can begin. It's because higher guides must obey the laws of your free will! The Teachers will gratefully teach you, so long as you show effort toward the tasks you've chosen! It stands to reason, just like in any school system; you must first chose a subject, then chose a teacher, and then attend class!

Remember beforehand, before any meditation begins, to ask that the Christed Light surround you and protect you. And it's always wise to ask your Guides and Angels for their assistance! Your higher self, your spirit guides want to help you!

(by Donald Newsom) November 21st, 2005

Fear is at the root of our decent into Darkness. 3rd Density is the manifestation of those fears through separation (time/space). It was designed for the experiencing of separation, ultimately for growth of the spirit. Fear builds a barrier around you that becomes a barrier, a self imposed obstruction to anything beyond it. It prevents Light from being received.

Your goal should be to remove all fear from thought. When you fear something, it manifests itself, and becomes a chosen lesson. The only way to remove this type of a karmic response (a reality composed of a manifestation of fear based outcomes) is to deny the fear.

Overcoming your fears is as simple as knowing you are Eternal! You cannot die! You cannot be harmed, unless you allow harm to have an affect upon you (conscious of it in a negative way)! As you begin to recognize the truth in your omnipresence and omnipotence, your fears will start to melt away.

(by Donald Newsom) November 14th, 2005

Humanity is indeed split, and to become whole we need to only recognize what we truly are. It's easier than one might believe, because beliefs have no power upon existence itself (you exist, and fear is not a factor in that truth). One can only become the master when one KNOWS he already is. With that understanding, we can accept that which we truly are, and we can transcend and become that which we are truly.

Perceptions are the danger. Fear is the harbinger of those perceptions. Division is a split in reality, and must be re-cognized. Spread your wings upon the infinite and allow your breath to take in all that is, without distortions of polarity and separation.

(by Donald Newsom) November 1st, 2005

Now is the time to become grounded, balanced and centered. It is a time for prayer, meditation and faith. Look deep within to find that holy center, which is the complete you, untouched and unsullied by any negative influence or perception.

Reaching that Divineness within is achieved through the use of prayer and meditation. Focus the healing energies of Love using visualization and light to cleanse the Chakras and ground your energies.

(by Donald Newsom) October 31st, 2005

Definitions are a way man compartmentalizes his thoughts. Answers to what is KNOWN can not be found through definition. It is much too limiting and categorical. It is a belief that past history is the definitive to a present or future circumstance, situation, place, person, etc. What you are trying to do is find the answers in words, which have little real meaning.

To define means to place your belief/judgment as a meaning to a question/answer (based on what you currently understand). Definitions are as elusive as the Ego desires them to be.

Think with the heart..... Feel with the mind (you'll open up to a new paradigm!)

(by Donald Newsom) October 30th, 2005

Belief, Faith & Knowing
Having Faith is an action word. It is the acceptance of that which you may or may not believe. It is more a trusting, a trusting in a higher power that transcends the Beliefs of your ego. Through the power of "Faith in action" a true Knowing can take place. It begins an experience of trust and acceptance that attunes your being to a higher vibration.

Put your Faith in action and allow yourself to explore a friendship with the Creator and those higher entities in service to the Light.

(by Donald Newsom) October 26th, 2005

What pleases God the most is that we live our lives in Joy, Peace and Unity, becoming the Divine beings of Light and Perfection that we have always been, but have momentarily forgotten.

A New Age of Unity is upon us. It is our responsibility to serve a higher purpose, that of our true being. Let go of the residual fears & doubts you may be carrying around, and pave your future with purpose and delight.

Great rewards come with your service to others.....

(by Donald Newsom) October 24th, 2005

Recreating the Now in a Living Expression Our expression is that of the Divine Creator's experience. We bring to the "SUM" all that we are, every experience we have, and all that we have become throughout our journey.

Once you remove the fear of separation, the light becomes less prismatic and distorted, and you become unified in absolute presence. You were perfect at creation and are no less than perfect now.

Allow yourself the joy of those experiences you've had (accept, forgive and love), for you will have gained everything and lost nothing in return.

(by Donald Newsom) October 22nd, 2005

BATTLING THE DARK means not to take up arms, but to promote the healing energies of love to your fellow man.... friend and foe alike.

It is through the bringing of power, that of your divine inner light, to the battlefield, and allowing it to shine like a light in a dark room. In this way nothing negative can harm you nor proceed against you.

It is about using your innate energy of love to permeate all under the Divine Father's watchful eye. Those who sit across you in battle are fearful and childlike… so show them mercy by giving them that which they feel separate from.

(by Donald Newsom) October 21st, 2005

Who Are You? What Are You? What do You Want? Where are You Going? What makes You Happy? What do You Believe?

Many questions....
Try answering the first question and you will know the answers to the rest.

Allow the answer to come from within. Let it take shape and answer itself through you. There is no need to define an answer, label it or put limits on it.... only that you live the answer NOW.

Walk fearlessly into the day, and bring a smile to those you encounter. Live a life of joy, walk into the Day's Light and Be that which you Are!

(by Donald Newsom) October 20th, 2005

Each one of us has many light beings working on our behalf to teach us the lessons we need to learn and help us overcome our fears. Their job is to expand our spiritual growth and guide us on our journey.

Have you ever said thank you to these beings? Have you ever asked them to walk with you and hold your hand? Have you ever wished them happiness and joy?

They love you more than you could possibly imagine, and rejoice in your successes while feeling your intense losses and pain. Take a moment to give thanks to your dearest friends... those that will ALWAYS be there for you.

(by Donald Newsom) October 18th, 2005

Uni-Verse: One Voice with many echoes all resonating at different frequencies.

A cosmic joke where humor is expressed.... expressed in moments of joy or madness to be found in the experiencing of something.... where nothing truly exists.

A rational thought? What is that? Imagination purely, a thought... but is it yours?

Somewhere where "no-thing" brings peace and love reigns supreme.

(by Donald Newsom) October 14th, 2005

Fear is the absence of Light. Remove the Fear and the Light comes naturally.

Light is Life. It is Freedom and it is Love. To know you're Divine and Complete is as simple as being. It is not from understanding, nor is it from the perceiving of physical facts that one re-members, but the knowing of the Truth, that all is One and can be naught else.

It is a Universal calling that you hear in your fears.... that feeling that something is amiss.... a reminder that you that you are not alone nor separate.

(by Donald Newsom) October 13th, 2005

Dreams are fluid and light... often being fun as they "run together," yet the more we fear, the more the dream seems real. Thus, we see how the more physical "Dense" can allow for greater fear "separation". A technique for higher learning! Understand your inner fears and let them go.....

A dream is but a dream....

(by Donald Newsom) October 12th, 2005

A Walk in Silence......
Time beckons us on... while the silence waits. We listen to the sounds, sounds that come from silence.... only to return. What is waiting? The Creator of the sounds.... For in that silence do we truly hear the echo of our own potential!

Gazing upon the physical, we see that which has come to linger and disappear. And in between, where no thing exists, Space! What is waiting? The Creator of the space, unlimited and powerful.

These are the moments that awaken. Take notice of that which is ALWAYS there.

(by Donald Newsom) October 10th, 2005

As Changes come....
Let them come. Enjoy them. Release your feelings of unease. Allow Creation to unfold and blossom into this new Flower we are all a part of.

As you perceive disharmony and confusion in the World, hold your calm and know that The Divine Father and Angels are guiding these events to their fruition.

It is ALL part of a perfect plan. Rejoice and cheer, for the darkness need not be a part of your future!

(by Donald Newsom) October 9th, 2005

Darkness/separation (fear) only comes to those that "welcome" it... to those that let it in. It's an old habit that must now be set aside. Great joy knows nothing of fear.

Know that you are ever watched, always loved, and guided in the light by Spirit... with all the glory that is your birthright!

(by Donald Newsom) October 7th, 2005

You will be hearing a lot in the news about the corruptions and deceptions of our leadership and those in positions wealth and power behind the scenes.

Please balance your feelings and remove the negative emotional energies as these ongoing events are made public.

I am asking each and every BlogInService visitor to show their inner strength, by allowing this to unfold without judgment or anger.

It is important, now more than ever, to hold those energies of love within our being, and send those healing energies of acceptance and forgiveness to all those that have brought about these dark events.

They will reap what they have sown.... but we can help guide them back to peace and joy. The more we give of that which has been given us (unconditional love)... the faster those aspects of divinity will re-member. We are indeed all One.... and those who have strayed are never lost.

May the light of our Divine Father shine on them in their time of tribulation and bless their journey with love and wisdom.

Please take the time to meditate on your feelings as they come to you, and know that all is as it should be!

May Love reign in your Heart and Joy fill you Life, always.

(by Donald Newsom) October 6th, 2005

Recreating your world, It is important to spend time in quiet meditation. Be thankful! Be forgiving! Be love!

Your harmonious thoughts are now re creating the New Age we have embarked upon. Balance your emotions and feel your power awakening. Through our concerted effort to spread light throughout humanity, the vibrations of the planet are rising to the level necessary to awaken humanity from its slumber.

Detach yourself from the coming trials and remain centered within your self. This is not a time of fear but of compassion tempered with wisdom!

(by Donald Newsom) October 5th, 2005

Comparisons are judgments. There is no reason to compare one human being with another, for they are both beyond comparison. To compare thusly is to be righteous, and therefore undeserving.

Free yourself from judgment and allow that which is to remain undefined by your limited perceptions.

Fear is what compels judgment, for it is but a lack in one's inner peace and unity, a distortion of the divine light within. Remove all fear and you remove the need to compare and judge.

(by Donald Newsom) October 4th, 2005

Awareness can be found by using the tools you have given yourself, such as knowledge, wisdom, experience, passion & desire, emotions, thoughts and actions, to find yourself.

We all are the same, for we all perceive that which is projected outside of ourselves. See everyone the same!

Inner awareness of the "I", and your divinity and connection with Source is found through a greater understanding of perception.

How do you see yourself?
How do you see others?

(by Donald Newsom) October 3rd, 2005

Awareness can be found by using the tools you have given yourself, such as knowledge, wisdom, experience, passion & desire, emotions, thoughts and actions, to find yourself.

We all are the same, for we all perceive that which is projected outside of ourselves. See everyone the same!

Inner awareness of the "I", and your divinity and connection with Source is found through a greater understanding of perception.

How do you see yourself?
How do you see others?

(by Donald Newsom) October 1st, 2005

“Seeing is believing!” Stop believing what you are seeing, for it carries forward past beliefs.

A belief is something cherished by the ego, the false sense of identity, for it negotiates the future by continuously recycling the past.

To be free of the Ego one must center themselves in the Now, by moving away from those thoughts bombarding the mind, and exploring the energy of the inner body.

Feel the truth... don't think about it.

(by Donald Newsom) September 29th, 2005

Service IS Love.
To serve is the will of God. As we are all One, service is that of Unity and Love. Being of service to another is being who you are from the moment of your birth "creation".

Love IS Service.
Joy is in the service, for it uplifts and unifies the energy of the spirit.
It is love with the intent to deliver, and shines like a beacon in the night.

An echo of kindness can be heard by the many but always resonates.... back to the point of origin in a beautiful new harmonic.

(by Donald Newsom) September 28th, 2005

Stop waging war against yourself.
Everything you perceive in your outer world, are replications of the distortions found within your own mind.

As quoted by Dannion Brinkley, "We are fighting each other for what we believe and not what we know."

To know something, is to feel the truth from within, not to make a judgment or preference based on our egoic beliefs.

To truly feel each emotion, immediately, is the key! Allow it! Accept it! Know it! Then choose whether it is one of joy or one of fear. It's that simple.

(by Donald Newsom) September 27th, 2005

Peace is a frequency without distortion. It is the song of love that that asks for nothing yet gives everything in return.

What do you truly have that only grows the more you give away?
.... That is who you are.

.... A being so complete, so perfect that everything you touch becomes a part of you.

Release yourself of bondage and smile. You no longer need but that which makes you whole. You are a timeless being that has everything.

(by Donald Newsom) September 25th, 2005

We are who we have been waiting for... aptly defines the "I AM".

We, who ARE, remain ever so in glory. Our presence is requested, that we may find unity within, and express ourselves divinely.

It is not time! It is Now! The "Christ" is here...  Allow it to be.

(by Donald Newsom) September 22nd, 2005

Commit yourself fully to each moment, each action, and each breath. Take every moment with love, to be felt, expressed in-joy.

Guilt of the past prevents you from "being present". It is an alluring fear disguised as righteous self doubt (unworthiness).

You're not, nor have you ever been unworthy. Release your self of guilt and dance to the tune of the One.

(by Donald Newsom) September 20th, 2005

Channeling & Communication abound from Aliens to Spiritual Entities of all levels, delivering different messages "vibrations" that resonate FOR those of the same frequency.

Detach yourself from those that do not harmonize with your being.... and/or those that cause you fear, doubt, sadness, anger and regret. What you seek you shall find.

Life be-comes what you create, so open the mind to a another way and let not discordance steal your joy.

(by Donald Newsom) September 19th, 2005

Co-Creators in training: We are all creators of The Creator experiencing that which we desire. Have faith in your ability to create and KNOW that that which you intend will be so. This allows one to focus their intent "Will" to bring about change.

Be wary and vigilant of your thoughts and wishes, for consequences are a result of change, and you must discern what is always of the highest good for all those concerned during this process.

Let your total being guide you in this creative process, and ask for assistance in all ways. Ask and you shall receive.

(by Donald Newsom) September 18th, 2005

Joy is the "natural state" of your being. Enjoy your moment without worrying about the past or the future, and allow that inner joy to express more fully. Happiness will be the result of your experience.

There is never a problem that you cannot handle in that moment, unless you allow your ego to project into the future or hark upon the past something that is not of that moment.

Take each moment as a monument. Your life is always right here; right now. Dispel the delusions and accept what is, and then boldly create what you desire.

(by Donald Newsom) September 17th, 2005

With beauty comes great responsibility.

Beauty is more symmetrical (being more uniform in its geometry) and therefore more beautiful… and is an attractive “force”. Being a greater attractive force it pulls those beings to it much like gravity. Those graced with such quality should be as a mirror to the physical world, allowing others to enrich their lives in their presence.

It is these “mirrors” of beauty that should always try to bring their inside beauty outward, to reflect that which is seen into the mind of others.

(by Donald Newsom) September 16th, 2005

Love Creates expression and is Truth. Negative creations are but projections with a time limit; they WILL NOT be eternal.

We experience separation, but our will is that of completion. Only after that instant of separation can we fully appreciate that which we are, pure and simple Love.

Knowing is being... and thus needs no information. We are more than what can be learned, for we are what knowledge is. There is nothing that is not us, nor will there ever be.

(by Donald Newsom) September 15th, 2005

Thought initiates action, whereas being initiates thought. Yet, is it enough to just be? Is it enough to just think good thoughts?

As one decides to put in that something extra... taking action... they focus their intent. To be in service to others is to give of your thoughts, words and actions in a compassionate and loving way, but only through action can another physically see the example you are setting for them to follow.

Living in the world of the mind must be balanced with the taking of action in the physical, for otherwise balance is lost.

(by Donald Newsom) September 14th, 2005

Having Focus means to make something clearer by removing the distorted light patterns. It means clarifying / balancing those colors into a recognizable and true result.

Focus your intent in the Now and allow what happens to happen without judgment or preference. Give your intent a chance to blossom without adding in your limited understanding, those distortions that hide the true results.

Take Time to experience the unconditional "moment-um" of your being.... in Joy.

(by Donald Newsom) September 13th, 2005

Pure light enters a geometric form and creates various other colors. This light becomes distorted as only a spectrum of it can be experienced. Therefore this promotes a sense of LOSS or separation from Source. These colors are all apart of Source, yet not fully “remembered” as One Light Ray. This separation is the beginning of FEAR, as all experiences lie in some form of contrast or distortion of that virgin ray. When one fully experiences each color they learn to balance them, one with another, to re create… or re connect with the Source.

(by Donald Newsom) September 12th, 2005

Fear originates in the mind of those that believe they are separate from the Source. Fear comes from nothing else but a belief.... a belief that they are somehow disconnection from the One. If a person only has love for self they are alone. This further distorts their perceptions and closes their mind. Fear is the origin of ALL negative emotions and must be brought to the truth. These are the lessons of karmic consequence... where balance, acceptance and forgiveness are the tools to remove the Original Fear of separation.

Joy & Peace cannot abide where fear resides. Fear is a false state of being, for it holds no basis in truth.

(by Donald Newsom) September 9th, 2005

What you do in your life, how you think and what you say creates a dynamic set of circumstances to fulfill the quest for an experience of your being. Time is moving faster now than it has in ages gone by, as is the speed of light particles. We are in a much more energetic state of the conscious reality than ever before in Man's history.

What you do with love will create profound and joyous situations throughout your life. Take the time to enjoy each moment as if it were the only moment that matters.
The moment is eternal while time just fades away.

(by Donald Newsom) September 8th, 2005

As Man progresses into his awakening a Revolution of the mind takes place. It is a Revolution of Thought, a changing of the attitude and heralding in of the inner child that cries out to be free once again.

Our hardships and fears have created much distortion throughout the years and must now be put to rest. There is only one moment we need focus on, and that is Now. Let not your mind take you out of your moment of peace and clarity, yet embrace that which you are and have always been. We are children of love, an eternal thought that exists far beyond the doorways of the mind.

(by Donald Newsom) September 7th, 2005

You can't know joy without acceptance, as absolute acceptance allows for complete forgiveness. It transcends happiness and becomes JOY.

In our true state of Being we identify ourselves as One. We accept ourselves in every aspect of the One, and thus forgive those distortions that have not yet become aware of our true identity.

It is now that we must accept ourselves and all that we are. It is now that we must come together in peace and joy. Let the light of love expand within and "re member"..... It is time!

(by Donald Newsom) September 6th, 2005

There is an element to Faith called Knowing.

Is it enough to have faith without the knowing that it is warranted? To believe in something makes a difference, but to KNOW something makes the difference.

Know that you are a part of perfection, and remember that which is you. Allow this to permeate your thoughts and act accordingly.

Know the truth of your faith, feel it, experience it, manifest it.

(by Donald Newsom) September 5th, 2005

We Are Alone Together.

At no time will you ever be alone, for we are One. Yet being One.... for there is no other.... we are indeed alone.

You need nothing to complete you, as you are whole. Nothing that is outside of yourself can bring fulfillment to your life, for there is nothing that is not within.

Feel your presence in all that you experience, and allow yourself the joy of being alone together.

(by Donald Newsom) September 4th, 2005

We have freely given pieces of ourselves away so that it might experience a different aspect of Our Oneness. Only through extension have we become what We Are.

When you give something away, you are showing compassion to yourself. It is the act of such "giving of yourself" that determines what you will have... that which you have NOT denied self.

In order to receive we must first give. For we cannot have what which we have not freely given.... that which makes the eternal possibilities possible for Us.

(by Donald Newsom) September 3rd, 2005

We are in an extreme transformational period in our planet's history, and we must work together to bring about peace, harmony and love. You're lessons are now!

Group prayer is effective in magnifying your intentions. Your light, strengthened by the many, can transcend the boundaries of our dimension causing a more focused and powerful message throughout our Union
. Take heart dear brothers and sisters, for all prayers are answered.

Spend time each day in prayer and meditation. Ask for guidance and help. Be thankful you are here to be able to help those that are yet slumbering in their illusions.

(by Donald Newsom) September 2nd, 2005

Being One with the Creator.... That which you desire will come to pass, for as you seek so shall you find.

With the shaping of intent a destiny is formed that carries out the wish of the Creator. The evolution of creation is instantaneous, yet we parcel it into segments that we may fully experience our desires. Although the element of time creates an illusion, such that our desires are to be had in the future, those desires have already been manifested. Become that which you desire Now!

The experience of true joy... knowing that which you have... you are, and that which you give... you have.

(by Donald Newsom) September 1st, 2005

Acceptance is key to our harmonic future.... fear creates unbalanced and unharmonious energy.

There will be great changes to come, changes that may bring much pain and fear if we resist them. All resistance leads to pain, as the fear of change will make its demands upon our reality. There has never been a time without change, nor will there ever be. Man's conscious unity has decided to pave the way for the new Age, a path so different from the one which we currently are experiencing that extreme chaos will ensue. Earth, wind, water and air will rend the physical in a massive reshaping of our world.

(by Donald Newsom) August 31st, 2005


Magic is in the moment, it does not wait for a future probability. It is the complete surrender "acceptance" of the present moment and our choice "free will" to engage.

Time is but a tool, although a ruse of confusion. Use it less or forget!

The waking moment is now, yet you wait....

(by Donald Newsom) August 30th, 2005

Experience each moment by following the energy that is within that moment. Allow the energy to flow through you. A sense of knowing will allow you to determine whether that energy is harmonious, loving and of a higher intent or whether that energy is a negative energy from a destructive source.

Try to be of service to others by keeping your intent pure and of the highest good. That energy builds a quality within the matrix that instantly transforms and raises the vibration of humanity, even though your perception may lack the ability to see such change.

(by Donald Newsom) August 29th, 2005

Love is Compassion.... Wisdom.... and Power!

It is also Unconditional Freedom.

It is the foundation of Life that expands eternally.

Love becomes so much more as we enter into the infinite intelligence, but never changes.

Love binds us all, for it is the essence of our Unity! Love IS.... and as such.... We Are.

(by Donald Newsom) August 28th, 2005

Being in the "Now" means living a life of pure non-dualism. Find that original point of origin, within yourself, that knows nothing but the Light of Love. Linger not on that which was, nor that which could be, for then you but step out of the Now and create an illusion of "What if". Once the question is asked, the knowing takes a back seat in the confusion of a timeline that does not exist in the Present.

The Infinite Now is not defined as a measure or unit of time but as an unfolding of Presence! Seek that which is eternal within and not to define that which has no definition.

(by Donald Newsom) August 27th, 2005

Showing up and being present in the Now.
.... One must exercise their presence.

Imagine yourself without a mind; A being in a room that never changes, with no understanding of a future or what the word future means. Think not on the past, for it does not exist. Then as you gaze into the ALL, with no thought upon the mind to identify self with, clarity of being comes into focus.

What if you were the only being in the universe? What if there was no such thing as a future? What if there was no meaning to the word past? What if when you remembered, this was true?

(by Donald Newsom) August 25th, 2005

Go with the Flow
.... the path of the least resistance.

Do not to create resistance to a given situation (lesson), as this manifests your intention (will) to the infinite intelligence, whereby creating an echo of the ego that will linger in the mind.

Karma is this echo that can easily be removed. By acceptance of the lesson, and a compassion for yourself to experience that lesson without resistance (negative emotions "energies in motion"), the equation is balanced. ~ FORGIVENESS is the KEY

(by Donald Newsom) August 24th, 2005

Love is ALL there is. The rest is just a distortion of perfection, in a disillusioned mind. Light is Love and Love is Light. It is intelligent and it is perfect.

Upon your graduation of form this reveals itself in a unified principle. There can be no exception to what is truth; therefore your attitude now is the great facilitator. What is One is perfect (then, now and always), for how can one truly change that which it is? You can perceive what is not, but then will not know what is.... based upon your choices. To see that which is not love is to perceive an opposite that prevents the light of truth. Love is always there, and is all there is.

(by Donald Newsom) August 23rd, 2005

Forgive (love) yourself and others for your sins (perceptions of form). You are totally innocent, because nothing real happened!

Forgive your projected images and yourself for dreaming them. There is nothing in the past to be sorry for nor guilty of, for the past does not exist.

Trust in the Divine Creator's whisper, the voice of the Holy Spirit, and choose His strength. Peace is your natural state and Joy is your true state of being.

When people make you angry.... Remember: Nothing real happen, and the perception of such is an error, and then thanks your brother – with love – for the lesson of truth he has taught.

(by Donald Newsom) August 21st, 2005

Treat each person with holy respect, for they are indeed your salvation.

Feel the emotion in your encounters, balance them, accept them, and bless each with unconditional love. In this way does one forgive the self and find the peace within.

As a servant of light, in service to others, patience is a requirement. Such discipline, to still the body and quiet the mind, brings greater awareness of self.

Peace can be found when you have balanced your choices and accepted the journey.

(by Donald Newsom) August 20th, 2005

Balance is essentially applying wisdom to love. All polarity is necessary in our dimension of education and karma. We use these catalysts to polarize our choices. When making a choice one must fully experience both the negative and positive in each and every given situation.

That which causes you pain, anger, sorrow, regret or other fear based energies in motion, coming from the mind and felt throughout the body, must be fully experienced and recognized. Once experienced, the equally important opposite spectrum of energies must be felt. In this way, can you make a decision as to your true nature? With that experience will come your knowing and exception of self and its divinity.

There is a choice of free will that must be catalyzed to help the growth and enlighten the path of the entity.

(by Donald Newsom) August 19th, 2005

Don't let your belief in who you are get in the way of what you are.

You are a being of Light and Love

You are as Infinite as the One Creator. You are loved equally with all of Creation and its many facets.

You are now awakening to your potential.....
.....and there is much to Infinity..... for it is Unity!

(by Donald Newsom) August 18th, 2005

Do not judge. What rings true for one may not ring true for another, for most people are only utilizing their current capacity to understand, and often the messages they convey are reflected back into the world in a way which can be actualized by people of many beliefs and faiths. Many people throughout the world have only a piece of the puzzle. Further, religions only have a piece of the truth. It is a KNOWING that even these entities we communicate with have only pieces and fragments of the truth. All the messages support change... which is the only constant in our current reality. It is the only tool we have to learn the lessons that we have chosen for ourselves. This contrast (and indeed it is contrast) shows itself in the myriad of interpretations being realized by The Divine Father's Creations (our Souls).

(by Donald Newsom) August 17th, 2005

You are a musical chord playing in a symphony of light energy. All musical notes send out vibrations from their originating point, equally in all directions. All creation moves through these octaves in waves that make up our experiences. Our unified intentions magnify the power of those circular waves, as they continue to change and ultimately cross into other thresholds.

Think of that energy as love, for it is infinite and intelligent. Being of service to others is the only way to truly help yourself, for unity is the law of creation. How can being discordant amplify, when its very nature disrupts/disturbs the Whole?

(by Donald Newsom) August 16th, 2005

There is an untapped strength that is at peace.... waiting for your call. It resides within and without in complete balance. With trust and faith can we experience it and through love can we know it. You need do nothing to benefit or merit its reward. It is your eternal energy that has no fear, no guilt, no compromise and no exception.

Have faith in yourself and trust that which you would call the Holy Spirit... the voice of awakening! Give thanks to the Divine Creator and learn to appreciate that which you are, for in acceptance there is strength!

(by Donald Newsom) August 14th,, 2005

Protection, if requested, implies that protection is needed. This forms the basis of a reality that you find as being true. Love has no opposition, and to polarize your thoughts in a dualistic sense (in effect giving reality to the negative forces..... in that you or others need protection from them) you strengthen their cause and diminish your own knowing. It is akin to acting as THEIR witness to reality, when in fact.... everything is perfect just the way it is.

That is not to say we won't PERCEIVE these opposites, which we define, compare, judge, and then try to understand.... but that we should not spend our energies in opposition but rather in harmonious integration. FEAR NOT.... for it is but your own mind/ego's belief in it's own separation and vulnerability. Do not transfer that belief to others in your work.... for only KNOWING that you are one with all.... and that ONE is ALL with YOU.... can you perform the miracles of true healing... as miracles are but the light of truth penetrating the veil of the 3rd density illusion.

(by Donald Newsom) August 13th, 2005

What makes individuality important in the mind? Ego's desire to be separate and above everything else! This separation is based upon a distortion of truth, and is therefore a lie that serves no purpose but to limit and define you.

Once you "re-member" that there is only One You, and that You and I are ONE, you "re-cognize" that there is no loss but in the false identity of Self. Together We are the real you. You lose nothing and gain everything.

(by Donald Newsom) August 12th, 2005

Responsibility of Service means raising the vibration of those around you. When you make the choice to be of service to others you take on the chosen task of helping those you come in contact with. Not by given them a hand out but rather a lift up. Knowing when to step back from a situation is also your responsibility, thus allowing a particular lesson to take its course.

Finding that you cannot be of service, or that you become a hindrance to the moment, is a time to step out and reflect. Your responsibility is always to raise the vibration level of others, or step back responsibly and remove yourself from the situation.

(by Donald Newsom) August 11th, 2005

Life began with imagination, that of our Divine Creator. "Imagine a Nation" of peaceful and harmonious souls.... experiencing.... that which they desire, for the pure enjoyment of being and sharing in that moment.

What we imagine is as real as that which we cannot imagine. And the reality we experience is built upon our imagination...... an onion with translucent layers that continually folds back in on itself.

Be good to each slice in each layer, for it eventually it folds into you.

(by Donald Newsom) August 10th, 2005

Your responsibility is of the highest order. As we are all mirrors of each other, there is a responsibility in being. Be the mirror for others that you would like to see reflected back at you. Allow others to see themselves through you, as they truly are, without the trappings of their physical nature. Time may change, but their perfection never will, and you have the wondrous ability to give them back to themselves. Let their higher self be the image that they see in you. Show them kindness and compassion, joy and peace. With Christ's reflection, can you have what you have given?

Remember: No matter how often you look in the mirror, the ONLY thing reflected back is love.

(by Donald Newsom) August 9th, 2005

When you polarize the negative, by witnessing to its power over you, you are working on its behalf. Stop defining and judging who or what is good or bad, but know that both are necessary as a catalyst for growth along the desired path we have chosen.

In choosing the path of service to others you need only "re cognize" that which does not walk the same path. KNOW it is a part of you, send it your forgiveness with love, and then proceed with peace... for ALL IS as it should be.

(by Donald Newsom) August 8th, 2005

The most important question you can ask is, “Who am I?” When we ask for an answer, are we not asking what the answer means to us or what the answer defines according to our current perception?

Every time we ask for an answer we are ultimately asking the question, “Who am I?” However, each answer is defining us and limiting our awareness, as it often becomes dogma and doctrine over time. Seek your answers with an open mind, and live the question of who you are. Maybe it's time to ask yourself, “What is an Answer?”

(by Donald Newsom) August 7th, 2005

The Law of One:
Working in union is the key to increasing your vibrations to its highest level.
A prayer made by two souls in harmony creates a new and infinitely more powerful creation, which transcends the physical to the highest realms of Source.

Being one with self is limiting, for it does not resonate with the greater senses of the spiritual. Working together with intent creates a true reality, for that is when the mind's Knowing that All is One can increase the frequency exponentially.

(by Donald Newsom) August 6th, 2005

A murderer feels the separation from God so strongly their actions come from complete hopelessness. Why are they guilty of such, with so much fear and pain, when the separation never occurred but in the ego mind?

Separation is not defined as being cut off or removed from source, but rather as being a-part of source, for at no time can we be disconnected from that which IS.

To believe such is madness. These errors of the mind must be corrected by acceptance and forgiveness.

(by Donald Newsom) August 5th, 2005

Life is:
Enlightenment begins when our fear of death ends. To experience life NOW we must KNOW Death... And actually experience it while we are alive, in order to defeat the mind's limitations and its self debilitating and egoic construction.

Life can begin to take on a new awareness once our fear of death, a byproduct of separation, is embraced and released to the conscious mind we all share.

Rise from the ashes.

(by Donald Newsom) August 4th, 2005

You and I are One.
I am the SUM of ALL my parts. You are a-part of my membership. I remember Now, that I am you and you are me. You are an aspect of me that forgets me… and I you. All spiritual growth comes with an increase in the awareness of mySelf. As I choose to be more than my own segregated self, my spiritual mass will increase and expand to include those vibrations that contain your being of mySelf. I shall remember being you, and experience that which I am.... to infinitum. And as I grow, I extend freely that which IS, for it is all there IS and all I have to give.... That which I am!

(by Donald Newsom) August 3rd, 2005

You are your own worst enemy.
Nothing betrays you but your mind. When the mind is clear it is receptive to knowledge. Otherwise, it is running input and output signals, mixing them up and making claims that have nothing to do with who you are or what is really happening to the YOU.

You are the Future. What you gain now you have always known. Let not the mind confuse you, nor interfere with your communication to source. Be what you are, and you will come to be.... "Become".

(by Donald Newsom) August 2nd, 2005

There is only ONE truth:
The rest is the individual perception of that ONE truth, being neither wrong nor correct, as it is an experience, and the Desire / Will to state... HERE I AM.... THIS IS ME..... THIS IS WHO I AM! - Diversity -

All conclusions are valid, for they are NEVER conclusions in essence, but statements. Thinking is NOT the solution. Being IS!
.....If this statement confuses you, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!

(by Donald Newsom) August 1st, 2005

Infinite is a wonderful word...
It is interesting to note that One is an infinite number in and of itself. One is a beginning (THE BEGINNING)... and must naturally imply that NOTHING has changed in reality. All the complexity and contrast, the pieces and parts still do not change that fact. From one can come two.... but the second comes from the first and is not separate..... for that would imply that there can be two beginnings. Remember, if One is ALL there WAS.... then it's ALL there IS.

(by Donald Newsom) July 31st, 2005

Perception is based on past experience and beliefs. It neither is nor will be. For what Is, Is, and what will be is based on change. Most of our perceptions are based upon WORDS. Words are limiting and problematic. They are the slowest and poorest form of communication, for they first must be interpreted by the mind and then conveyed through the body mechanism of the speaker.... to the listener, who then must filter them based on their past understandings.

(by Donald Newsom) July 30th, 2005

Where some PERCEIVE reality, another KNOWS reality.... both are quite different realities. One is a False sense of Life and the other is a True sense of Life. However, in the end they are just 2 different paths to the same answer, and will arrive at the same answer given enough time. The faster method to knowledge is instant and lays on the path to the spiritual, while the slower, learned method to observe, understand and compare things, thus gaining knowledge through scientific means, will eventually get to the same place.... just slowly. In other words, science will prove the spiritual. It is interesting to note that the spiritual has NOTHING to prove. And those that desire proof along those lines cannot KNOW what is truth, for they are approaching the question with an answer to be found elsewhere (not within the source). Science explores the vast simplicities with complexity, always searching for a comparison or reason, within this system of opposites, as it searches from without, whereas spirituality explores the complexities with simplicity.... sensing and experiencing, without the need for reason or past cherished beliefs, pure non-dualism from within.

(by Donald Newsom) July 29th, 2005

Time is a tool used by Creation to keep you out of REALITY until you learn the lessons you were meant to learn.

It is for those that require correction.

Reflection on who you are and why you are here is necessary to begin your spiritual growth and harmony with the creative forces.....
....Creative forces that believe in you.

(by Donald Newsom) July 28th, 2005

The Quiet Mind is Aware
The quiet mind is wise, for it does not ignore that which is revealed. Creation thus goes into the thought process and allows greater use of reality.... for thoughts are alive with energy.

The quiet mind knows, for it is at peace without complexity. It is free to love all and harmonize that which is unbalanced. It can forgive immediately.... for it cannot perceive a sin with truth.

(by Donald Newsom) July 27th, 2005

Relationships come and go... as we teeter on the edge of love/hate, for love is given with future anticipation and rarely with absolute freedom. A condition set in motion by the human mind and its false self.

As a person grows beyond the bounds of a "special relationship", they may open up the door to a "spiritual relationship".

(by Donald Newsom) July 26th, 2005

Opposites only exist in the mind.
There is no opposition nor opposite. Truth is Life by its own definition. Life is truth. That which lives can only KNOW truth, for truth cannot be categorized or learned.

Life has no opposite, for death does not exist. Love has no opposite, although you can experience a lack of it. Peace and Joy have no opposites, as they are the natural state of being. Duality provides the contrast for our lessons, yet is but a pre-programmed machination of an inexperienced and aberrant mind. Fear not the dark, for no place in the Creator lacks His Divine Light for the one that chooses it. Seeing as a Knowing is your True Sight.

(by Donald Newsom) July 25th, 2005

Who holds us accountable, the Creator or ourselves?
First we ask "Who are we?" As the answer is "We are One", we can honestly state we are held accountable by that which defines us.... that which Is Us.

Upon shedding our current incarnation we must re-member our experiences through our higher self, expanding upon the lessons learned. This enables us to become acutely aware of the total experience, that which is Us through all those we have changed. Change is the only constant that facilitates this experience and Will Be Known. Truth is no longer hidden and the path becomes clear, as we experience all consequences. For Truth is the law of the Creator.... this must Be KNOWN and WILL BE SHOWN.

(by Donald Newsom) July 24th, 2005

The Path to Love, Peace & Joy is Now.
When we talk of a higher self, we are talking about who we really are. We can KNOW who we are but cannot learn who we are. It is not a process of thought but rather a process of no thought at all. Stop the thought and observe the chaos in your mind.... by silently and peacefully "being" .... a watcher.... of the madness that is your thoughts. Then can you be who you are and not what you think you are. Time and Thought are catalysts for error. Don't let the past into the present. Judge nothing, compare nothing, believe nothing and observe. Become aware of all that is you and
....... Have that which you are.

(by Donald Newsom) July 23rd, 2005

How could he not have given humanity intelligence and awareness when his thoughts would be as alive and intelligent as Himself? Our soul is but a question that does not seek an answer. It is the answer, as each is a part of the part that resonates its will to extend and experience itself.

Our only meaning is with God. And our only purpose is to share... share ourselves completely! How can you share yourself without giving another your feelings? And what more can you possibly give someone than that where true love is concerned? God creates through extension... and extension, the sharing of self, is love.

(by Donald Newsom) July 22nd, 2005

By extending Himself completely and without omission, and by giving that extension of It Self free will, God was experiencing It Self on a level beyond our current comprehension.

Do you not think God knew what would happen if He extended Himself, and then gave that extension it's own free will? Would not that will from same source be the same will… even if it at times seems to differ?

If God is the beginning and the end, then the outcome here is certain, and is therefore the same.

(by Donald Newsom) July 21st, 2005

True Forgiveness is Acceptance & Love

Forgive (love) yourself and others for your sins (perceptions of form). You are totally innocent because no real thing happened! Then thank your brother – with love – for the lesson you just learned, a lesson that came in the form of conflict within yourself (a fear and nothing more). For there is only you and your mind that must heal, the rest is by definition perfect, for there is no thing around to be imperfect. Then do you realize you are not alone but whole.

I have no guilt here, nor do you... peace be upon you.

(by Donald Newsom) July 20th, 2005

If you asked God what He was, He would answer "I know not what I am, I just know that I am".

I am aware of me, but how is that possible? For I am. And as I am, I will always be. But who am I? Hasn't that always been the question? And has it not always been its own answer? For in it lies the truth.

God had nothing to compare Himself with and no way of knowing anything other than Himself. Now here we are, as the Creator's emoted thoughts where He is the Original Thought.

(by Donald Newsom) July 19th, 2005

In using The Divine Creator we create our own miracles. God truly wishes to be used, and our best tools for using God are faith and gratitude. We do this by KNOWING our preference for an outcome will come true without judgment as to the outcome. We must thank God for granting us this miracle while knowing it is done, even though we may not perceive it so.

To harness our divine power (that of our will and the Creator's Will which will Devine) to bring positive change to our lives we must use our beliefs, our emotions (energy motion) and our actions to define our experience and change our perceptions in the mirror we call our reality.

Joy is our reward when using the variables of happiness, excitement, faith and love which are the gateways to a greater awareness!

Be joyous and thankful and it will become you! Enjoy the ride, laugh a little, feel the excitement and joy of Being. And KNOW that you're loved and in good company!

(by Donald Newsom) July 18th, 2005

Once you ask a question as being separate from the answer it becomes unanswerable by truth.
If an answer is found outside of its source it will be wrong. One need only know that there is no question that goes un-answered nor is there an answer that differs from the question. Ultimately one re cognizes that there can be only ONE question, and that it has already been answered. The reason man seeks an answer outside of the question is that he seeks a comprehending (complete ending) to the answer. In this way man's choice is of his own desire and not that which is God. Man becomes unreasonable and insane in his preferences, as all the answers he seeks cannot be knowledge nor truth, as they are incomplete without the question being the same.

(by Donald Newsom) July 16th,, 2005

An answer implies that there is an ending to something. If God is, then the question has been answered before it was asked. If we are led to believe that the question and answer are separate from each other, then we believe the answer cannot be found in the question. Once we believe they are different we no longer accept what is but experience what is not. In other words, we start to experience the answers to our questions, which continually evolve as our awareness grows. This journey is our error in thought that we are incomplete. For when one is complete the answer is known. To see a question, that does not contain the answer already, as anything other than a challenge is incorrect. For then a question is definitely a challenge to be heard and recognized.
The need for humanity to question has limited his ability to recognize truth.

(by Donald Newsom) July 15th, 2005

We are a loving thought (idea) of God, an extension of His will. We exist because God wanted to share himself completely, without limits! True freedom is Love.

This Universe became our creation (projection) through our will to divide, yet is the tool that will unite us as One.
“Uni Verse”: The One being of many expressions. This Universe, being made, is not eternal, for only God and His creations "thoughts" are eternal. Eternal being not just forever but always.

The Universe is the result "effect" of our flawed mind and ego; for we believed that we were separate from our Source where no separation exists.

(by Donald Newsom) July 13th, 2005

What is the main reason we are here?

Two Things: Remove ALL Fear and Be Love.

Fear prevents forgiveness. This is the most important point I can make. Fear prevents forgiveness, which in turns shuts down your true self and that which you know to be true.

Life cannot be fully enjoyed while fears rule your thoughts and actions. Your Ascension begins when Love is your only motivator. Self Love AND Selfless Love. Neither is complete without the other.

(by Donald Newsom) July 14th, 2005

When a question needs an answer the answer remains:

1) What would you like the answer to be?
2) The answer lies in the question, as it is what it is and thus never far from the truth.

A question will always be answered! If the answer is not the same as the question it will be different. Separation begins with differences. Since answers do not end they become descriptions, becoming our point of view. Answers then are never wrong, as they are no longer definite but continuous. Our lives on earth (our illusions or delusions) then take the place of truth always denying each answer that is sought as separate from the source. God will not interfere in our quest lest he judge our questions as incorrect. For we can no more be guilty in our question than God can. Our quest becomes purely an experience to our question(s), where we supply the answers through our own point of view. In this way is our journey flawed, yet it is necessary until it is not.

(by Donald Newsom) July 13th, 2005

What is the main reason we are here?

Two Things: Remove ALL Fear and Be Love.

Fear prevents forgiveness. This is the most important point I can make. Fear prevents forgiveness, which in turns shuts down your true self and that which you know to be true.

Life cannot be fully enjoyed while fears rule your thoughts and actions. Your Ascension begins when Love is your only motivator. Self Love AND Selfless Love. Neither is complete without the other.

(by Donald Newsom) July 12th, 2005

Our lives are our un-acceptance of what is and thus not reality but illusion.

We live and die to prove that God is in error and we are correct. We wish to experience our proof that we are imperfect and therefore God believed in imperfection. We cannot believe otherwise and see change, degrees, levels, separation, division, uniqueness and special-ness.

We make of God a ruler with human qualities that judges us and weighs us according to our actions and/or thoughts when God has no rules. What is eternal cannot have limitations or regulations. What is boundless is forever in all ways. God can no more compare what is than he can choose between what is. And in reality, nor can we with a sane mind.

(by Donald Newsom) July 1st ,, 2005

In the beginning we were created. What would one ask when he becomes aware of self? Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Why am I? He would definitely have a question.

It then progresses. Once a question is formed, man becomes a seeker. For an answer then is sought. If man accepted the fact that he is as God is, he would be happy. However, his question begged an answer that Man felt was separate from the Source. As man believed that the question and answer were different, his journey (sentence) was defined. The question led to separation.

When man asked the question(s) the mind thought that he was separate from God and therefore an answer must be found that could not be found in the question. This is why all true understanding comes from within.
No knowledge can be found outside of self.

(by Donald Newsom) June 24th, 2005

I think therefore I am ~ Descartes (A simple parabolic statement of knowledge)

If you think you are, you are what you think. Why is not important as I am! Do not attempt to understand why, just be. It is our wish for understanding that makes things un-comprehendible, as it makes the simple truth, of what is, complex.

Man has taken the long path of understanding. It now takes many experiences to comprehend and later realize the simplicity of the One That Is! Time becomes an obstacle of past, present and future to allow man the ability to put complexity to simplicity. Thus, gaining understanding is putting your past recollections or thoughts to bear upon the present. It is giving your point of view (an illusion) to the truth.

Once our road of enlightenment has found that understanding is limited and useless, knowledge is as it has always been, there for us
..... to “re cognize”.

(by Donald Newsom) June 23rd, 2005

What better way to experience yourself then through that which you created by extension of yourself.

Time becomes the arena where these experiences unfold. We are re living that experience of the past in our minds, not really knowing that what has happened is over.

Each of us is on a vibrant journey of exploration striving to complete ourselves, fully aware to experience the oneness of creation in our own unique way, fulfilling and defining our divine destiny so that God may ultimately know Itself.

(by Donald Newsom) June 22nd, 2005

Why did God create us? God was asking a question of Self. God was not searching for an answer when we were created, as he was the answer. God wanted to experience himself as He is. An answer always limits the question to a definite conclusion, which gives finality to that which is never ending.

If God is, then God must be all knowledge, therefore, God did not need to learn anything for he knew everything already. All there was to know was God. What lies outside of knowledge? Experience then, adds a new twist to the equation, being on a personal level. It neither adds to knowledge nor changes what is, rather it allows for the experience of what is.

Every question asked is our desire to experience that question without setting limits upon it and defining it with an answer.
We live the experience of our questions.

(by Donald Newsom) June 21st, 2005

God Is. Therefore it must be true that god is also the question and the answer, the definition to all things real. In this moment is God, meaning…. God is the moment. Duality then is impossible as nothing can be opposite to God (which defines all reality and truth by being). If God Is then there was nothing else. It naturally implies that We Are, of God.

Every question is indeed personal in nature, as it depends upon the quester by the simple statement of what is the quest I am on (quest-i-on). Simply put, the question always becomes who am I, and is put in a way that easily recognizes it to be a quest of self.... and of God.
God Is - that is our experience.

(by Donald Newsom) June 20th, 2005

The question will answer itself.
Who is God? What is God? It is the same question being asked in a different way. If God is, then the beginning and the end are the same, and therefore meaningless. How can the beginning and end be the same unless they always/never were? There can be no opposite nor compromise to what is. If God is, and we are, then the question not only gives the answer but is the answer. Further, if they are the same, then we know they will always be the same, ultimately showing us the futility of seeking answers outside of the question itself.

(by Donald Newsom) June 18th & 19th, 2005

Is not life itself an implied question? Rarely do we cease to question what is, as our life is spent answering riddles and forming more questions out of those very answers. Human beings have a habit of complicating even the simplest of questions. What is life?

Each question we ask is another way of asking, “What is Life?”. This is the root of all questions, and one which will have the most meaning to us. And after all of the studies, the sciences, the philosophies, the chemistries, the biology, the theologies, the years spent in quiet contemplation we miss the simple truth entirely, that “Life is”.

(by Donald Newsom) June 17th, 2005

The Holy Spirit's only judgment is dividing into two categories: one of love, the other a call for love.

We perceive things with our Ego, and allow it to interpret the messages we receive to our brain. Thus, the Ego warps our thoughts, yet the truth remains the same. We cannot hope to "see" the truth if we do not allow that truth to be "shown" to us. It cannot be found by the brain and body.

Forgive yourself for your wrong perceptions and be at peace. For only in the quiet stillness of your heart can you begin to "sense" the truth, as the "Spirit" provides the answers to your mind and spirit.

(by Donald Newsom) June 15th & 16th, 2005

When conflict arises in the mind, let it go with love. Be the teacher and the student! Always extend your love to the Sonship. You must give what you have in order to become that which you desire.

Extending your awareness to the whole, and healing the mind with your forgiveness, is your higher purpose.

Forgiveness is Love in action, and to gain it you must give it.

(by Donald Newsom) June 14th, 2005

The Answer is always found within the question. There is no complexity to the truth. Man complicates truth by searching for answers outside of himself, where it can never be found.

Notice that a computer's answer to any question is always (1). If a computer is turned on, it was turned on because a transistor said (1 = on) instead of (0 = off). Through this process a computer answers complex questions with more and more (1's). What is a computer really doing in essence but repeating the answer over and over again - until it becomes larger and more complex. Yet does not the answer remain the same?

(by Donald Newsom) June 13th, 2005

Knowledge is the Law of One.

Inner Peace is Awareness of One.

Oneness is Unity and Bliss.

Love is One's complete Freedom.

Spirit connects The One.

Peace is the State of Oneness.

Faith is One's Reality in Action.

There is only One Truth.

(by Donald Newsom) June 12th, 2005

Thank you Lord Father!
Your will and my will are one. Give your will to me as I have to you, for that is when we are happiest.

Today, my purist wish is only for truth. Show me the truth.... so that my brothers may be unveiled, and I can see them as you see them.... to know them as they truly are right now.

I know that today things will be exactly as they should be, no matter what that might be. Walk with me Father, for today is a beautiful day.

(by Donald Newsom) June 11th, 2005

As God is We are.
Our life is just our being wanting to have a certain experience in the NOW. We are choosing what we wish to experience now through our thoughts, words or actions. Whatever part of our being we wish to experience we need only create it. The journey we are on is all about experiencing who we are, for who we are is what we are.

Awareness is remembering who you are! All of you! Therefore, to become aware is know yourself.

(by Donald Newsom) June 10th, 2005

Perception is the ego's way of lying to us! It is a trick played on us by our ego. One must choose the voice of truth (that of the Holy Spirit) and not the voice of illusion. Life is loss if we live it with the ego "the master of false idols".

Our conscious mind is controlled by our ego and cannot be trusted.

Keep no secrets from the Holy Spirit. Have complete trust in His decisions by allowing Him to make all decisions for you. Share all your perceptions with Him, and let His answer show your their true meaning.

(by Donald Newsom) June 9th, 2005

Honesty is a love for the truth. It goes beyond the truth, because it involves trust.

Secret Illusions - Make for unreal experiences

Learning to Understand - Is complicated

Knowing the Truth - Is certainly simple

Errors of an Ego - Echo in the mind

Prefer Not - To be judge

Acceptance Creates - Complete forgiveness

Strength does nothing - To complete its purpose

Faith - Communicating truth

Love is Alive - And at peace

(by Donald Newsom) June 8th, 2005

Miracles Are Unveiling and Revealing
Miracles are but truth in action.
They change our experiences and flawed perceptions by removing the Veil of Forgetfulness long enough to allow the Light to be seen.

What is known is revealing and not shocking, as it is coming from our whole being and not from our individual perceptions. Harmony, cooperation, balance (is oneness). Love is all these things.

All man is in love, but does he know it?

(by Donald Newsom) June 7th, 2005

The Answer lies in the Experience:
The answer (any answer) is continuously being defined by the One. Therefore, the answer is the quest itself.

As we journey, an experience is created. We are seeking, and always shall we find what we seek... but will we recognize the futility of trying to understand and comprehend an answer or solution that is continuously changing and does not end?

We are but explorers that evolve and change. No final answer can be found where none exists. For Life is.... where nothing eternal ends.

(by Donald Newsom) June 6th, 2005

Humor Is..... Communicating on the edge of reason (A Reality Check)
God was lonely, as it was a state of being the only one. The mind needed something to do.

The many were created from the One, yet there is still only One. Now here we are, always on the brink of utter unknowingness, and our insanity grows within the unreality of our mind.

Our knowledge becomes a blessing and a curse, for the more we understand, the less we truly know.

(by Donald Newsom) June 5th, 2005

Forgiveness is necessary....
Forgiveness is necessary when one does not know truth. Unless man understands who he is, he will continue to create errors in need of atonement. Atonement is not the admission of guilt but a forgiving and seeking of truth..... which furthers reality.

Guilt you shouldn't possess, yet possess you it does… as you deny Love's claim on you. Innocence and eternity are your gifts, now and always.

You don't need to voice forgiveness, which happens immediately upon realizing the truth.

(by Donald Newsom) June 4th, 2005

Earthly joy is an illusion of the egoic mind. True joy and love are the same. Only that which is created through love is eternal and extends true joy, for an illusion holds no joy in truth.

A miracle is but truth. A ray of light in a shroud of darkness. A sign of joy that is all encompassing, yet fleeting until we accept it.

True Joy is the absence of fear. It is togetherness as one. It requires "no thing"

(by Donald Newsom) June 3rd, 2005

We choose to forget our past so that we can make the most of our present, for knowledge is soaked up best by an empty mind and lessons are best learned by those without bad habits.

God does not ask us to sacrifice anything, nor give up our relationships. He only wishes us to view these relationships through our true sight (that of spirit) and love the stranger, and ourselves, more than we do.

In being here we have been given another chance to "embrace" with love and not be hindered by our past. Creation cannot be attacked, yet each and every perceived attack on another by thought or deed is but an attack upon oneself.

Release yourself and release your love to all that you are.

(by Donald Newsom) June 2nd, 2005

God Is.
God is synonymous with love, knowledge, light, truth, One, peace, eternity, life, the Creator, Source. Ask yourself.... what am I?

Being one with the Creator defines who and what we are. Our eternal souls are all of these things. WE are all of these things!

Our desire to put ourselves on pedestals and reap perishable rewards is that of a sick mind, and ultimately is our own Ego wishing to over throw the will of our Creator. Yet it has no reality in truth and plays out in a dimension of un reality.

We must look within our mind to correct it, and heal the unconscious fear of separation and the resulting guilt through forgiveness. And in truth, this too has already been done; we need now only "re member".

(by Donald Newsom) June 1st, 2005

Our True Power is the ability to create illusion.
We must follow our hearts and our intuition, and trust in the One (have faith). Without this trust we cannot make our will manifest. For only in co-creation, our will and divine will working together, can we achieve our desired results. And that means, listening within and willing it be so. For our will IS to manifest the will of God (shown to us through the Holy Spirit).

To have faith means to pretend! To pretend is vital to our awareness. Awareness is not consciousness but a complete knowingness. Remember, the will is all powerful.

When you state "I will not" you are stating that you will it not to be so, and therefore it will not happen for you.

(by Donald Newsom) May 31st, 2005

Lesson to be Learned:
Man is not a sinner, nor can he be born a sinner. As God is perfect, and all things that come from God are as the same, we too are perfect. We were perfect at creation and remain perfect in the Now. Our time spent within this lower realm is a choice we ourselves made to correct the errors of our mind.

All errors are conflicts. These conflicts are disharmony and reflect a mind not at peace. A Conflict is like a body ache. When something is wrong it needs attention to correct and heal the ache. In each conflict there is a lesson to be learned.

The less peace you have in your life the more you need to pay attention to the conflicts in your life, change your flawed perceptions and ignore your distorted thoughts. Only Forgiveness corrects those errors of the mind. This is your salvation.

(by Donald Newsom) May 30th, 2005

If we continue to look outside ourselves for the answers we seek, we will never stop to understand our own inner mystery in the Here and Now. The answers have always been right inside of us at every given moment.

To find the important answers one must start by asking two important questions. Who am I? and What would love do now?

If all things start from One, which they must, then we are still One. And as we "are" .... so must the One have extended its awareness to us. And now, being beings with free will and choice.... that extension of the One was given with Absolute Freedom. Therefore, extension is defined as Love. Love being the total sharing (extension) of ourselves with complete freedom. To find our higher self, we must always ask what Love would do in any particular circumstance
....for God is Love.

(by Donald Newsom) May 29th, 2005

The meek shall inherit the earth:
By thinking that God is a Judge, or that he would ever place any judgments upon us, we are judging him.... and know him not. Our ego wants us to believe that God is less than complete eternal love, and that our mortality is assured.

The mind can only extend love or project fear (guilt), as the mind cannot attack.

The parabola of the Meek explains how those with fewer false Gods, perceptions of form binding them to this illusion, have strength through faith, which empowers their actions (not their reactions) within this illusion. Only weakness attacks where true strength is always at peace.

(by Donald Newsom) May 28th, 2005

The Veil of Ignorance:
This veil of forgetfulness is nothing more than your own choice to forget aspects of yourself in order to facilitate the greater expression of your lower (ego) self more fully. You are exploring self.

To transcend this 3rd dimension, you must first allow yourself to harmonize and orchestrate all the beautiful and terrible parts of your persona. These include your judgments, fears and guilt…. For they too are part of you.

You are more or less learning to conduct yourself….. that's all!

(by Donald Newsom) May 27th, 2005

Make not the complex:
We complicate things by asking the wrong questions. All truth comes from within, as all answers originate in truth. Where the truth is the answers are.

We always find what we seek. "Seek and ye shall find". Your will determines the outcome. "Where there's a will there's a way". Nothing can remain hidden or it does not exist, for true knowledge is a knowing and not a learning process.

Truth with integrity (integrated or integral to) is honesty. Truth therefore must unify and unite, for it explains the whole as one, to be true.

(by Donald Newsom) May 25th & 26th, 2005

Things you NOW want to happen occur when you have forgiven yourself.
This is a process whereby time is collapsed and your next lesson awaits you. Amazing things do happen once you let go of your fear.

Remember however, Intention without preference is vital to building upon your awareness and potential.

EVERYTHING IS PERFECT JUST AS IT IS. It doesn't need my judgment, nor does it need me to compare or understand it. It just needs me to be there to experience it, bless it and heal it. In that way do I accept and forgive!

(by Donald Newsom) May 24th, 2005

Removing Negative Karma:
Negative karma can be un done.
The Grace of God removes negative karma once you have forgiven yourself for its manifestation.

Only by learning the lessons of love and forgiveness can we avoid the universal laws that govern our sojourn here on this plane.

Automatic forgiveness of others is the key. For you can only have what you give away, as you are but what you share.
EXTENSION is the sharing of Source "Love", and freedom is the act of Love that willingly forgives. Forgive yourself and others that you may find Peace.

(by Donald Newsom) May 23rd, 2005

Miracles remove illusion:
The lie you live changes, and in that it's a lie. For what is change if not an error?

You cannot change your past mistakes, but you can correct them by the choices you make presently.

The energy of our being and all our thoughts, words & actions are eternal. These creations will survive with us forever, whereas that which we've made will not, these things of form.

Share your love, for the rest is meaningless (not of God). Give forgiveness and find everything.

(by Donald Newsom) May 22nd, 2005

#1 Reason we are here:
We are here to learn acceptance.
If we know that God is and that he is Truth, Light, Love, Perfection, Knowledge, One, Changeless, Eternal, Unlimited, The Source… then it must follow that all things are exactly as they should be.

We must not judge nor prefer a specific set of events if we wish to willingly accept (have faith) in God. We should not enforce our own biases by bringing the past into the NOW... and forward.

To accept is to know. Faith is the power of love in action.

(by Donald Newsom) May 21st, 2005

God wishes to express Self. And what one wishes must be, for a wish is but incarnated desire, and what is desired is believed.

We are here because God believes in us. Why then do we not believe in him?

God creates through the extension of his own being. What is extension but the expression of self? You need not establish your worth with God, but rather build on your connection to him and through him... with love (the freedom to share).

God wants to know himself and chooses to be heard. Listen... for he wants the same for you!

(by Donald Newsom) May 20th, 2005

Altering your Reality:
When you approach a person, that you feel is giving negative “vibes” (energy that is of a negative vibration), you should stop and just be! In this way, you are stopping your reactions to the World around you and getting in touch with yourself before creating, what will ultimately become, your new reality.

Practice being Love during this moment and the next, as it will completely change your World and the life you are living. Be joyful. That which you are being will create results much faster than thoughts, words or actions.

(by Donald Newsom) May 19th, 2005

A Journey of Errors:
A walk down the halls of insanity.

Through the Veil of Forgetfulness have we come to experience our own chosen depth of ignorance? This journey of the mind, where we experience duality wrought with emotion and thought on imperfection and change, is where we learn to find balance.

Ego brings discord to awareness. It is our awareness of this chaos that allows for self expression. And through it all, we are hiding from our guilt, which is unconsciously there trying to remain hidden.

(by Donald Newsom) May 17th & 18th, 2005

Living on Earth is all about making choices.

If man finds himself with conflict he must find it within himself to instantly forgive that which he feels causes this conflict and try to recognize that this was a needed experience for him on the road to enlightenment.

Therefore our experiences should show us the Enjoyment of Being (Being “in joy”). When in a state of joy, you are being yourself exactly as you are, without illusion.

Peace comes of removing all fear and conflict.

(by Donald Newsom) May 16th, 2005

The Inner Dimension:
If the Universe(s) is infinite then the Universe must be infinity large AND infinitely small. If you add 1 to 1 to 1 etcetera, you keep getting more complex yet always remaining within the same framework. If you continuously cut 1 in half you get the same result. One can assume that the infinitely small (if eternal) must equal the infinitely large, both being of infinite status. Both must be part of the same infinitum.

We must only look within to gain an awareness of why we see what we see outside of ourselves.
For We truly are
Living the answers to our own questions.

(by Donald Newsom) May 15th, 2005

If God is everything and perfect, then it must follow that everything that happens, in each and every instance, must be perfect. Understanding that allows us to realize that each moment in our lives is unfolding exactly as it should.

Why allow negative emotions to impress upon your illusion, when the nature of our being is to be joyous, grateful and compassionate?

When we allow the experience of fear, and all its many facets, we create a set of circumstances for ourselves that manifest to others, for we will that this be so through our own emotional intentions (thoughts, words or actions).

(by Donald Newsom) May 14th, 2005

Awareness is the ability to increase your points of view. If you can view yourself from your neighbor or friend's point of view, is that not higher awareness? And if you can view things from many points of view, knowing that your higher self is outside of, and greater than your local universe, is that not an increase in awareness?

Total awareness is perception from ALL points of view. It is the ability to stop belief, judgment and understanding by using your heart/mind to view things from a broader perspective, being more points of view from various aspects of the One! This acknowledgement takes in the bigger picture. The master sees perfection where the student, by his limited perspective, sees separation within his own scope of understanding.

(by Donald Newsom) May 13th, 2005

Why god is Love:
God created us out of his own being - through extension. Would then extension be not love? In sharing Self, love was defined as the sharing of Self.

As we become more aware of our Oneness, we also become more aware of being alone. Thus our desire to expand.

Love grows through extension. The more it extends the more it grows inwardly. Growth is not a quantified measurement here but the experience of KNOWING. To grow, and being love, it must give itself away completely and wholly every time. Each extension must be exactly like itself, for that is all there was to give and all that really exists.

(by Donald Newsom) May 12th, 2005

Life is all about being heard. What sound are you making that you wish others to hear? Remember, the music you make is felt by you as well as others. It's best to harmonize your energy with the World than be discordant.

The worst attack is that of wrongful thinking (False beliefs) upon one's own mind. These unloving thoughts, projected from Self, create a cacophony of chaotic energy that always come back to the owner in an echo!

We create this illusion so that we can deliberately state who we are. Thus, the vibration of our music becomes a statement to our selves!

(by Donald Newsom) May 11th, 2005

To know your innocence you must forget this illusion and "re member". Eternal sins can never be committed. Dismiss the fears and let go of your anger, for those attacks upon yourself are all of the mind. Forgive yourself for the madness you manifest and take responsibility for correcting your errors.

Be accepting of others, show them pure love by immediately forgiving any and all forms of flesh you see before you, as it is not true sight but a reflection of your own unwillingness to see truth.

Enlightenment cannot begin while past meanings are established and cherished. And no truth in knowledge is possible when you apply your own meaning to nothing.

(by Donald Newsom) May 10th, 2005

If death is not real, why then do we hold our life prior to death as real? Death is but an illusion, as is our life here on Earth. Shed all ties that bind you to your ego and you are free.

Love is that freedom, freely given by God. God shared himself through the extension of his own being. In that act was love defined as freedom, being the matrix that encompasses all as One.

Love is, and that which love is not cannot exits and never was. In knowing this is freedom.

Love is the Will made manifest

(by Donald Newsom) May 9th, 2005

Spark of Life and its ascension
When we become aware that we are (aware that we're aware), we continue to grow to the point of being aware of all that is Us. In other words, our awareness expands to include more that is around us until we essentially have complete awareness of the fact that we are one.

To have bliss is to find the totality of Oneness with Self. We are never separate but "a part". And in every part we are one, and therefore whole. Your completion cannot be found outside of YourSelf as it is within OurSelf.

(by Donald Newsom) May 8th, 2005

The only way to combine the elements of total knowing and absolute being is through laughter. Laughter is man's window to himself and, at the same time, his salvation from the brink of unknowingness.

Everything we do is for perspective. Ultimately we change nothing, as everything is as it always was. We therefore have never gone anywhere nor really done anything. In fact, nothing ever really changes but our point of view.

Laughter is how souls communicate and delight in their joy and madness. For even in going “no where”, the road has lead us “now here”.

(by Donald Newsom) May 7th, 2005

There is no wrong way or right way to enlightenment. To continually believe that your way is the “right way” is the unfortunate belief in your own limitations and shortcomings.

All ways are neither good nor bad, but merely ways to experience what our own point of view makes us aware of. We are here to experience enlightenment in a myriad of ways..... yet, all roads are necessary until we realize they are not.

True understanding is a realization that we are all perfect just the way we are and everything is perfect just the way it is. Only then can the wary traveler achieve peace..... through love.

(by Donald Newsom) May 1st through May 6th, 2005

Creation never ends, only expands, while that which is made of form can only live and die, and therefore is not real.

Once we have gained full of that which we create we can move passed the separation and fear that we had so, in error, cherished.

Only love can be extended into eternity, as everything else is the temporary sojourn into insanity.

(by Donald Newsom) April 27 through April 30th, 2005

To experience the human equation is to live with chaos. One view point is order. One result is order. To be one is order. To be many is chaotic. As we live we are perceiving things differently. With so many view points, form becomes chaotic. We go about life, ordering our own events, in order to experience this difference to order.

When we define who we are, we're just giving a definition of ourselves. Who we are can never really (in reality) change. We are always asking "Who Am I?", and then experiencing the answers / results in an illusion of our making to facilitate those answers. We are being and the rest is believing. ("be living")

(by Donald Newsom) April 26, 2005

To be just is to be less than fair.
Insanity can only be corrected when the ego is not in charge of the process. By not making any decisions or judgments, you free your mind to be at peace, releasing yourself from the error of ego. This is God's will and yours.

Justice knows that your brother is perfect right now, being one with the Sonship of God. Let the Holy Spirit make your decisions, for no past meanings will cloud the truth and perceptions can e replaced for the truth that shines "in light end".

(by Donald Newsom) April 25, 2005

Miracles are nothing special, but rather your desire to recognize the truth. Greater awareness is but a greater knowing. The more your desire for truth the more you will know that truth IS.

All things are connected as one, as each piece of Self is vitally important, giving meaning to God, as the other. We are as important "in part" as we are "a part", for a part can never be separate from the whole.

We are all whole & complete externally, internally and eternally. One must only "re member".

(by Donald Newsom) April 24, 2005

Why do spiritual masters (like Jesus and Buddha) talk in riddles?
God never interferes unless it is your will that he do so. Your journey to awareness and spiritual growth is defined by your willingness.

Parables allow the seeker to put their own understanding and awareness to the information given, for you can only know what you will to know, and are given only that which you will to know (that you will to accept).

The greater your desire for truth the more enlightening the parable. GOD IS!

(by Donald Newsom) April 23, 2005

Every man is a teacher baring gifts of wisdom and enlightenment. Each deed he performs gives a new opportunity for learning and spiritual growth. The conflicts he brings to your doorstep are the most valuable gifts, for they are the ones you need the most.

Being one with all, his love will continue to give you these precious gifts to help you fulfill your journey. Give careful attention to those perfect moments, as they were given unto you for your own forgiveness.

Remember.... We are self-accused of what we did not do.

(by Donald Newsom) April 22, 2005

Each person is an innocent being punished by his unconscious guilt (the real Devil). There is no injustice here! We chose to perceive injustices as our own lessons in true forgiveness.

To serve is to allow yourself the greater point of view (yours and theirs), and to stop projecting your fear onto others. Thank them for the healing lessons they bring to you, as you all are One!

Release all perceptions, for they have done their job and now must be returned to nothing that love may flourish where it has always been.

(by Donald Newsom) April 21, 2005

Love and forgiveness work as one. If you love someone you forgive them, and if you forgive someone, you love them. It's automatic.

When we truly love, that which is created is eternal. And lasting forever it has corrected all errors in judgment & fear that would have shrouded the truth.

Deny all illusions of conflict and extend the reality of love and you shall have peace.

(by Donald Newsom) April 20, 2005

The Confusion of Illusion
Your ego is your false self. It really isn't who you are. You are not, and never were, separate or individual.

Separation is only an illusion to protect you from your guilt. Atonement comes through this realization where forgiveness then is automatic. It is knowing you are forgiven, because you already forgave yourself.

What matters most is a correction in our aberration of thought. Stop living the illusion of denial and be the creator you were created to be.

(by Donald Newsom) April 19, 2005

If we have faith that God is perfect in every way, then everything that is, is as the same. How can we find peace by continually trying to comprehend and compare "understand and judge" things?

Knowledge is, and needs not be separate from the whole. Nor can it be learned. Acceptance too, cannot be learned but only experienced through our own willingness to forgive.

The very nature of acceptance is forgiveness in action.

(by Donald Newsom) April 18, 2005

Seeing clearly is ignoring form, taking no sides, and releasing your guilt, by acceptance of your innocence.

Ego doesn't want to forgive nor completely forget, as the physical World and the entire Universe is just a cry for help.

Form is just a tool and randomness its partner in deception. Those same, used by the Holy Spirit, become tools for forgiveness.

(by Donald Newsom) April 17, 2005

SpiritualityA movement gaining in strength throughout the world which involves: I) Getting closer to the truth of God; II) Being much more open-minded to new possibilities; III) More aware of being one with everything; IV) Having more points of view that otherwise were not considered; V) Thoughts are more introspective; VI) Inclined more along the spectrum of love; and VII) Showing more wisdom in thought, word and deed.

Eventually we all come to the same point of view, for that is God's will and ours.

(by Donald Newsom) April 16, 2005

As you seek so shall you find. Meaning that which you desire will manifest itself as you will it to be.

There is no end, and thus the answers one seeks are not contained within the end result but in the moment. It is our journey that completes us as the question is always answered and fulfilled at the instance of our query.

Seek not that you would want to be love, nor seek that which you believe love is, but know that love is there already, everywhere you look has it always been.

(by Donald Newsom) April 15, 2005

When we see something we disapprove of and act on it out of anger, all we are doing is validating our own fears. This act enforces the point of view that someone committed a sin (did something wrong) and then perpetuates itself through us as we show our anger, manifesting itself to that which is around us and resonating throughout the entire universe. We separate ourselves through insane beliefs, thus continuing a cycle of fear & anger.

What we wish to be true we create as true for ourselves. If all we see is violent or foolish people, we will continue to enable ourselves to see exactly that.

(by Donald Newsom) April 14, 2005

The truth is always simple and easy to know. If the simplest concept of truth was for an instant more complicated, then God would have made things more difficult for some to understand than others, applying degrees or levels (separation: space & time) to perfection. This would be again a judgment of what is. So the understanding of God, who you are and what your purpose is, is as simple as being. For nothing else is less complicated. Bring forth true knowledge by applying simplicity to the complex. In this way can you realize your true nature and purpose.

(by Donald Newsom) April 12 & 13, 2005

The truth can never be hard to find unless it's meant for some and not others. The answer is never more complicated then the question. Who am I? The answer is: I am! Truth is and cannot be learned. Are we hoping to get a different answer, one which is preferred, as we did not like the original? As we bring our own understanding (point of view) to the answer we skew it by making comparisons, preferences, choices, judgments of our past upon the present. It is unnecessary and results in errors that cannot be solved until the true answer is again found within the question.

(by Donald Newsom) April 11, 2005

Truth is not something one can learn of as it is always something one knows. Knowledge cannot be learned but can be known. This is as faith cannot be acquired but can be had. Where one understands that his completeness does not lay outside of oneself, a greater awareness of what is, comes to being.

True power lies in truth, as only the absolute cannot change.

(by Donald Newsom) April 10, 2005

Never oppose. Everything should be perceived as perfect just the way it is. For if you compare, judge or try to comprehend (learn) it, you give it more reality to yourself.

When we have a preference, as to a future outcome, we challenge (attack) what is to be. Therefore, an outcome is created to teach us the lesson we have asked to learn (experience). If we don't accept what comes, as being exactly the way it's supposed to be, we "will not" create happiness for ourselves.

(by Donald Newsom) April 9, 2005

The insanity and “in justice” of vengeance denies perfection, and in so doing, denies innocence. Where vengeance is, Love cannot abide.

It takes your willingness to see love for it to be truly known to you. Love cannot reveal itself to those wishing it to remain hidden. Unless your will is to find love, even where you do not recognize it, you will not know the light that shines in your presence.

(by Donald Newsom) April 8, 2005

Time is not the enemy, as there are no enemies of reality. Therefore, what will come, regardless of how it is perceived, always comes as a friend.

You may feel the need for more time. However, time is unimportant, and once realized, you have all the time you need.

The lessons end where sanity begins. The sane understand that the lessons were unnecessary to begin with.

(by Donald Newsom) April 7, 2005

True justice is universal. What is given one is given all. Only in this way is God's love dispensed. To know equality is to be equal, as no man is more deserving than another.

Love IS Justice! You cannot judge another (being judgmental: to pass judgment on someone) without being wholly impartial, for to judge is being partial and not whole. Therefore, in every instance that the righteous feel themselves as just, they are but denying the truth that all are equal in the eyes of God.

(by Donald Newsom) April 6, 2005

Our human lives are willful and deliberate attempts to answer the basic question, "Who am I?", while forgetting specific pieces of knowledge to enhance that experience. We choose error (limits to the truth) in order to prove our own existence as unique and separate.

The natural consequences of our lives are unfolding moments of justice that teach us what we truly want to experience.

(by Donald Newsom) April 5, 2005

How can appearances hold truth if the meaning of that symbol is different for one than the other?

On this journey we learn to accept what is, or deal in consequences.

Enjoy the laughter. It is the Soul's Knowing, its sheer delight, its extremes... harnessed and released in a moment of understanding that what is, is not.

(by Donald Newsom) April 4, 2005

Faith! Its belief is extended making it supreme, and yet what is faith but truth in action?

Nothing gets in the way of truth, as truth is known only when nothing gets in the way!

Nothing real can be perceived by the body, yet such defines what is real to the insane. What is madness but anger perceived where nothing exists.

(by Donald Newsom) April 3, 2005

The parts of you that you don't like “are like” reflections in a mirror, as you will see those parts in yourself and others.

It doesn't matter how the world sees you, it only matters how you see yourself. You are not who you were but who you are. The past has met the present and the future awaits your answer.

(by Donald Newsom) April 2, 2005

A true teacher learns much from himself for the true learner gives himself that which he has taught.

Faith Is “A knowing”, for it is true trust in God. To be in the Now is to Know.

Forgiveness is power. True power matters not when the mind is pure. Forgiveness is not the act of saying I forgive but the act of denying a lie!

(by Donald Newsom) April 1, 2005

Nothing is Everything – For to truly have, is to have “No Thing”.

Fear's reality is based in the belief of something that does not exist. Our existence is the only thing that IS real.

Remember, the past IS gone, therefore let is go completely. You are now whole! What are you truly but what you've now become?

(by Donald Newsom) March 31, 2005

Spiritual growth occurs with knowing that we are whole and in need of nothing.

If you “re lie” on someone or something the truth will remain hidden.

Trust your inner self. To know (have knowledge of) yourself you must spend time and just be. Do it “Of Ten” times daily.

(by Donald Newsom) March 30, 2005

Peace is the state of knowing that there is nothing that must be understood only experienced.

True understanding is gained through your experience once you realize that experience allows your understanding to be true!

The end result in gaining everything is nothing if what you are gaining doesn't last. Soul development is eternal.

(by Donald Newsom) March 29, 2005

Knowledge is perfect as it occurs to you. In other words, take each instant with certainty, as it is happening perfectly as it should right now.

To fully experience something you must know that the occurrence is your preference, without having any expectations.

The degree to which moments seem unwanted is the degree of awareness one has of the truth in that moment.

(by Donald Newsom) March 28, 2005

To create is to define. As you self create you are defining yourself.

We are the answers to our own questions. As god is the question and the answer, so to are we creating, unfolding and defining ourselves and all that is.

The irony is the fact that you are making yourself a believer in all that you create. Rise above make believe and create what you are.

(by Donald Newsom) March 26, 2005

You cannot give what you do not have. Would it not stand to reason that you cannot have what you do not give?

You can only give something away that has been given to you and received. For giving and receiving are recognitions of what we have always had and what we have always been.

If you don't give away what you have gained, what have you gained?

(by Donald Newsom) March 25, 2005

Faith is your lifeline to what is real and not perceived. It is your inner knowledge (truth) that you are life and that everything that is not eternal, is in reality, nothing at all.

Therefore, faith is not belief but truth. Belief is in illusion, as it requires you to believe in it in order for it to be manifest (real to you). Faith is in truth, as it requires nothing, not even your beliefs.

(by Donald Newsom) March 24, 2005

Teach only love. By teaching love through example you shall learn. For you gain what you teach.

When you become a true leader there will be no desire for followers, for you are aware that each person must be his own leader.

A master then awakens and perceives everything is as it should be, for all that was taught was given away.

(by Donald Newsom) March 23, 2005

To be jealous means to deny happiness. Love does not diminish, for it is what binds you and sets you free in the same instant.

When you love, you feel whole. For love is the only true feeling of your being, your being complete, being whole, being as one… in love.

(by Donald Newsom) March 22, 2005

To allow others to live their life through you is your source for completion! As God allows you to live through him so must you do the same.

To truly love, one must love truly as one. This cannot be a comparison of what is but rather a realization of what must be.

(by Donald Newsom) March 21, 2005

Your life becomes you, as you make the moments of your journey define who you are. Every instance allows you the opportunity to become (Come & Be).

And love the people you meet unconditionally (Un Condition Ally). Getting rid of all conditions you've placed on others allows them to become your allies and saviors.

(by Donald Newsom) March 20, 2005

Desires and needs are preferences and therefore judgments.

To know you need nothing is to know yourself. Desire nothing, for to desire something is to have need where non is ever necessary.

Nothing is incomplete, as all things are “in complete”.

(by Donald Newsom) March 19, 2005

Ask yourself “Who Am I right now”, and reflect on what that will mean to you. Will you allow yourself to enjoy this day exactly as it is? Try making a commitment of not wanting to change anything that happens to you or around you. Today God walks beside you, holding your hand. And when things get you upset, remember that God and you are just enjoying an inside joke.

(by Donald Newsom) March 18, 2005

A View from The One. If the ends and the means are the same, then the only thing that matters is NOW. And since we are alive, and are aware of ourself right NOW, what then is change? If what is... is all there is and ever will be, then what is... is evolving but not changing, moving but never going anywhere, just laughing at itself for its ridiculousness.

(by Donald Newsom) March 17, 2005

If the beginning and the end are the same, then is NOW (the present) the same. Does not the now define what is? And if so, isn't everything exactly the way it's supposed to be? And if not, why not? Now that is the journey we are here to enjoy… the why nots.

(by Donald Newsom) March 16, 2005

There is no wrong way to God. All of us find our way as we choose to. God does not judge, even though we may ourselves fell it necessary to judge (find fault) with ourselves. This is due to our own realization, that what we did was merely hurt ourselves, and we're acting against our own will when we did so. This will be known.

(by Donald Newsom) March 15, 2005

The power of intention is purely changing your perception and thus altering its affects. You manifest your own creations.

Opposing your perceptions witnesses to your illusions, for being an aspect of God your point of view has no choice but to be true for you.

(by Donald Newsom) March 14, 2005

Beauty endows the wearer with greater responsibility, for his magnetism must be met with forgiveness. That which he uses to draw you in mandates that he heal your insanity wisely.

(by Donald Newsom) March 13, 2005

In learning through being you automatically change your perceptions, emotions & responses instead of having to take the long way. Just as if you suddenly get the joke, no matter when life's lessons are learned you still benefit from the experience.

(by Donald Newsom) March 11, 2005

The Ego can never win, as it's based on a lie. How can selfishness exist where everything is one? How can perception through illusion be truth? How can you be what you are without knowing what you are not?

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Life Questions!

What is life? Is it anything that requires food, i.e., the sun, or plants and/or animals; is it anything with a brain; anything that can travel; anything more complex than an element? Would a hydrogen molecule be considered alive? What does having life ultimately mean? Is one life more precious than another? Who decides? Assume there are beings many times more powerful than us, and to them we appear as ants, does our life have less significance than theirs? Why, because they can accomplish more in less time? What ultimately defines our value, how much we accomplish? It doesn't say anywhere, as a tenant of some higher dictate, “thou must work to have value.”

What is life? Most people have a preconceived notion of the definition, moreover, most have never thought about an answer! Even the dictionaries have a hard time with the word, i.e. “The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter.” Is any matter really inanimate (you are made up of matter)! All matter has energy (a force that holds it together). All matter has movement, spin and frequency!

Could life be defined as anything with (some form of) consciousness and/or awareness? Perhaps life is a term applicable to all of existence; to everything. Does an atom have life? Is it conscious or aware (to any degree)? Can we even answer these questions with our current understanding? Can we proclaim what life really means or signifies?

Perhaps matter (energy) contains its own consciousness and/or awareness! It is hypothesized that an atom contains within it, everything it needs, and in similar fashion to us, it also contains within it the answers to everything else!

Is earth conscious? Is an atom alive? Is awareness an aspect of one part of earth or all parts of earth, no matter how small or different in form? Do we go through life assuming we have the answers? Do we rely upon the words and works of others to give us absolutes, or do we use information to give us new insight, extending the very nature of thought itself to new (and deeper) realms of understanding?

Teachers give us knowledge so that we have a base to work from, which we can then expand upon, to explore NEW IDEAS and further our understanding!

Think upon these sorts of questions! There are no wrong questions! And there are no perfect answers! Sometimes asking a question of great difficulty leads to simple answers (you will find this is the case most of the time)! Ask your higher self! Ask your spirit guides! Ask God! Just ask! The answers may not come right away, but they WILL come! Start asking yourself some deep questions (every day), and see what sort of answers your mind conjures-up, or what new questions arise (which makes this process even more fun)! You'll be amazed at what will happen to your psyche with regular prodding!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Understanding ourselves in terms of Dimension!

We each live in our own Dimension.

If everything is ONE, then it could be said that everything exists at a Point.

In order to experience we create from a (our) Point. In expanding from our Point we create Dimensional possibilities. From an atom to a solar system, from a human to a collective!

For a Point, a plane must exist (an expansion linearly for our point); I'd like to call the plane of Consciousness; the existence of parts (fractualization)!

Let's consider the other aspect of a Point (a dot), it has dimension! It's not flat! It has depth like a 3 dimensional object! So in order to experience, as a Point (a dot), we have to have another plane intersecting the plane of Consciousness (we're thinking 3D here).

The plane intersecting in perpendicular fashion, is the plane of Awareness; (depth in dimension); unifying understanding; knowledge in the use and access to parts, the remembrance of what is; the ability to reason why we are perfect!

Both planes connect perpendicularly, at a point, giving you 360 degrees of expression and experience!

YOU at the center of the dot, the creator! YOU desire to experience! You do so by creating out from your center. The planes intersecting are literally extensions (thoughts) that come from within!

What part of the MATRIX are you in (what are you and how aware are you)?

As a note, in this context, an atom could know ‘everything' (be totally aware), and a person could know much less (be less aware)!

To experience something; you imagine yourself as a point within a point (a dot within a dot)!

Every point of consciousness and awareness is a thought construct;

We experience ourselves differently by creating environments for the experience (parallel universes) (dimensions to ourselves) – and sometimes we use some or all of our dimensions, our compartmentalized subsections of awareness, at any one time. These dimensions might include time, physicality (through aesthetics), the conscious state, the subconscious state, alone (apart from everything), together (one with everything), spiritually (by way of different ethereal substance or energy), with degrees of intention; with emotionality, as reflections (for reflection), dualistically, karmically, etc.

And all this going on while, exploding (expanding) and imploding (unifying)!

Through every birth, there is new awareness and application! And each time, beautiful and renewed, you radiate outward forever expanding, to be felt everywhere!

… both at the same time! Expand and retract, like explosions and vacuums!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Books with conscious intent!

  1. Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary Renard
  2. A course in Miracles, by J
  3. Power vs Force, by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D
  4. The Power of Intention, Dr. Dyer
  5. Ask and It is Given, Jerry & Esther Hicks

Books with higher purpose and beautiful intent will change you! You will feel the power in the messages because they will resonate within you, and then they'll wake you up!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Just for Funzy!

What is the fastest distance between two points? Seems obvious yes?

Through every birth, there is new awareness and application! And each time, beautiful and renewed, you radiate outward forever expanding, to be felt everywhere!

… both at the same time! Expand and retract, like explosions and vacuums!

Get a piece of Paper. Fold it in half. Put a pin hole through the middle of the page (or an ink ‘dot' on both sides, opposite each other).

What is the fastest distance between two points?

Unfold the paper!

Answer: A DOT! (Imagine bending the fabric of time in this manner).

Many call these worm holes!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Creation has something to say!

It doesn't say anywhere, as a tenant of some higher dictate, “thou must work to have value.”

Do you feel guilty if you don't accomplish things [anything, past, present or future] in your life?

It doesn't say anywhere, as a tenant of some higher dictate, “thou must punish thyself [in any way].”

Do you feel guilt for any reason [whatsoever]?


Creation's Response: “Because nobody told you the truth, every time! You are perfect!”

“Don't forget where you came from! It's exactly what you are!”

“There can be only one! You! Infinitely larger than you know yourself at this time!”

“When you remember who you are, your love will embrace a greater part! More of yourself!”

“Love is fundamental! It's the highest order of expression! Love everything!”

“By my loving you, I love myself! Love all others as I do! It's the bigger part of yourself!”

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

The Sound of Silence!

Is there a sound of silence masters & mystics refer to?

Does it bring enlightenment? YES! But,


A frequency of very high pitch! Imagine the sound you'd hear coming from the inside of a jet, when you're seated next to the engine just before it took off (only higher); the sound a power plant might make, humming from transformers and electrical currents (only higher).

Do you hear it! It's humming (vibrating)! It's at an extremely high pitch!

This is the sound of Consciousness! It is a vibrating world of information delivered to the mind/body through electromagnetic frequencies, not just the mind, but to every cell within the body (See Kinesiology for a related understanding).

This is the sound often referred to as, “the sound of silence!”

Close your eyes, and see if you can sense it (hear it) (that sound) in the back of your head!


REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

When you move to the next moment, do you project within that next moment how your entrance into that experience will improve the demeanor of those you come in contact with? Do you see yourself showing smiles and projecting love to that moment, to a person, to an event, which will lift up-spirits? Can you picture the next moment with more love, love coming from everyone's eyes and beaming into your heart, and a glow to everyone's inner being?

These are ways to see the moment, the future (every future scenario before it comes to pass)! Change the way you interact with each moment and grow!

If you can project LOVE into the moment, without expectation of outcome, and FEEL GOOD giving it, you will be amazed how many smiles you'll get, how many beautiful surprises will occur.

Yesterday I went to the post office! I didn't have enough money for postage, nor the key to PO BOX, but the clerk happily offered to pay for my stamps and get my mail before I had time to mention anything (I had no key or ID)! This was one of MANY beautiful things to occur to me that day, and in that one time frame (The post office is a two hour drive round-trip).

LOVE is the only way to make TIME STAND STILL! LOVE is the way you CHANGE the world to the better. LOVE is the way you GROW!

How often do you think of love during the day (no naughty thoughts - smile)? HONESTLY, HOW OFTEN?

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Use your imagination to go deeper!

Every soul is a beautiful expression of love! And you are simply here to experience! But unless you go deeper, you won't touch that part of yourself that wants to experience life in a deeper way.  Life is given true beauty, its highest level of significance by thought of love! To experience life in a deeper way, you need to let go of the past, be in the moment, and know with utter trust, in giddy abandonment of worry, work, or emotional attachments to anything, you are an expression of the infinite.

Enjoy the moment!

Sometimes it takes karmic events to wake you up, so you don't forget how to live in the moment.

Imagine yourself, standing in front of yourself, giving yourself a big hug! How long did that hug last? How deep did you feel it within your heart? How strong was the feeling of love?

Now enhance those feelings by making the hug last longer, or by making it feel more compassionate, or by abandoning all other thought, to that single expression of love.

Use your imagination to go deeper! Go deeper into your imagination! Spend time reflecting. Spend time with yourself! That is how you wake yourself up!

You have to go through levels of self awareness before you can become AWARE! Go through the process. Think upon your past. Forgive and forget. And go deeper!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom


Would you spend your entire life helping just ONE PERSON?

Would you consider it a waist of time if the person you were saving was (JUDGED) as BAD?

Do you know ANYONE in the world you would call BAD?

Are they worth your thoughts?

If you were accosted by people with ill intent, would you wish them well, or wish them harm?

When would be a good time, or the right time, for a kind thought, at a distance (when you are not there), at a different time (when you are not there to be accosted)?

If you feel they are not worth your thoughts, do not think of them at all!

Life is precious! Don't think of another being as bad! It only adds to your karmic lessons – for yourself – to yourself!

Most of us have spent a great portion of our lives helping JUST ONE person, like a brother, or lover, or family member!

We should also be willing to do this for STRANGERS!!! They are family, with deeper ties to you and eye than the eye and mind beholds!

There is “NO SUCH THING” as a bad person. There are only perfect beings in a state of confusion! SEE THEM THIS WAY!! By thinking this way, you allow them to see themselves in a better way! DON'T worry about the outcome! Don't worry about the idea that what you are doing will only lead to more bad (which it will if you think it will), but ascribe to the idea that your higher thoughts will create more goodwill and harmony (and good karma), which will ultimately be more favorable for both parties!


A kind thought is more powerful than an atom bomb!

I'd rather give love than gold. It's far more precious and more powerful!

USE the tools you have, YOUR THOUGHTS & YOUR LOVE!

BY Changing JUST ONE person's life, YOU CHANGE THE WORLD! And you can do this by thought alone!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

An Indescribable Event!

Something strange occurred in my life! I was made INSTANTLY aware! It was an event that occurred 2 weeks ago!

It was a moment of ENLIGHTENMENT (the kind you read about)! I felt a burst of absolute love to infinity (joy and love beyond description). At the same time I felt sadness, humility and awareness of everything I'd ever done (and the freedom of forgiveness). To describe this, is impossible. Take in all the spectrums of emotion, amplify them a hundred times, and feel this while knowing absolute forgiveness and understanding for your self!

What I know now, I could have NEVER read from books or other sources of knowledge! It is COMPLETELY contrary to what we know!

Most people find it difficult to understand me now! Communication is limited, because of the inadequacy of words to define higher principles of evolution, energy and interconnectivity.

Enlightened beings ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND the following!




REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

I cried a blue river, but God's tears
flowed more than mine, And so I
expressed my love to infinite degree, And
felt! And the more I felt, the more I
cried! Ah, sweet tears of bliss!

God might need your hugs too!

Does God ever desire your highest expression of love? When God, the total sum of all expression, is having a bad day, does your love make any difference? Is it possible that God's days are more beautiful when shown love (when sent loving thoughts)?

Do you ever show God love, without the idea of reverence?

Even on my bluest days, my darkest night, I reach out and Hug God, knowing I'm just one of God's Perfect Creations thinking myself Imperfect, and so my love is sent in hopes of making a difference, even unto the heart of Creation!

Love expressed, during times when you need it the most, but given from you unto Creation, can be so powerful, it releases you of trouble and empowers you exponentially!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Seeing the Positives!

So many people complain, WHY? And see a situation as a problem, never with a positive!

An example of this might be, ‘when we see one global economy as creating a problematic outcome,' i.e., one global market; perhaps one government.

What if today's political agendas (which just so happened to be made possible by a very elite few, unbeknownst to them), which were manufacturing events (albeit poorly) to create one people without division; divisions like authenticity and tradition (which are basically just dated and particular information), which could have helped separate us into tribes! Perhaps, a consequence (whether intended or not) of such political maneuvering works to a higher agenda, perhaps to a unified force. Perhaps another consequence is one voice ultimately representing our world (with cohesion – not division) to the mega-uni-verse of extra-wonderful life existing throughout the galaxy. Perhaps we are actually becoming UNITED! (I was certainly stretching here…and)

(I may be wrong -lol… BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT)

How we decide (CHOSE) to view any particular situation in this moment predicates (pre-dates; predicts; creates; predicates) (gives energy to) the outcome!

As a spiritual person, I wonder ‘WHY' I could even think that a situation would deliver something ‘other' than a beautiful outcome (inherent evil)!

Are there similarities between our understanding of spiritual growth and the attainment of oneness to gain unification, for the personification of the ‘one'-in-us, and the attainment of ‘one' global economy, that are apparent to the mind? Bear any resemblance? Do they show any congruity, in any way? Even in symbolism? Some link? Eh?

Whose methodologies will (do) you chose? Will you be the judge (or judgment)?

Seems to me, there are many correlations! And they exist between many things; perhaps everything if you can perceive of it! The nucleus and nuclei of a cell can be likened to an atom, which can be likened to a planet.., and a billion similarities and correlations in between!

On every level we create, and we live in manner to our thoughts!

What are your truths?

Who do they benefit?

If they don't have HOPE and GOODWILL for all life within their essence, in BEAUTY of what might be, they should probably be changed!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom


We are each a living representation of every incarnation, ultimately all of Creation, but we represent only a certain FRAGMENTED PERCENTAGE of our parts. We choose to assimilate in the moment various fragments of our self independently (particularly those we identify with)! When you cross over, you have an infinite number of fragments to assimilate! Which ones would you choose?

Imagine you are totally aware! You then decide, based on everything you understand, with infinite choice, in an environment of total freedom and infinite love, want you want to become, and what new experiences you would want to assimilate (new choices, new incarnations) to reach that further expression (that goal) of what you want to resonate with the most; that will ultimately give you that highest level of joy! You assimilate those fragments of yourself that are wanted, to provide an experience, which ultimately leads to an appreciation, for that which you already are (immediately become)! A time line is created between all those infinite parts of yourself, those aspects of yourself that you require to reach that goal! An environment comes into being for your pleasure (using a FRAGMENTED PERCENTAGE of your total parts)!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Infinite complexity to reach simplicity!

Within all things there is synchronicity in complexity – through the understanding of singularity! There is no difference! Opposites come together, because they are in fact one!

Every dimension has its polar opposite. Time – No time! Space – No space! Matter – No matter! Conscious – Unconscious! Just like every reality has a polarity. Up – Down! Good – Bad! In – Out! Light – Dark! Love – Hate!

Polarity to infinity, in every conceivable direction, leads to singularity!

A personal understanding: One must go deeper on the inside to go deeper on the outside! Meditation, less time thinking, leads to more knowledge! Opposites at work!

A universal understanding: A sun implodes to explode. This action leads to the creation of numerous elements comprising a solar system. A few basic elements (via implosion) become many basic elements (are exploded).

Retraction & expansion! This is how the universe works! This is how you work!

Let's use words, for an example of how fragmentation in one direction leads to singularity in another!

A simple word like ‘forward' has numerous synonyms, like further, onward, ahead, advance, etc.

A complex word has relatively few synonyms, like Polypeptide.

The simple word by virtue of its more numerous variances, its multitude of similar definitions, leads us back to simplicity (a more singular understanding).

A complex word needs fragmentation to become simplified; it needs more synonyms, more parts; more similar references of understanding to become simpler.

This is an example of how more leads to less! The opposite is also true; less leads to more!

(a Zen like understanding should be unfolding)

Open the mind to the idea that there is unity in polarity – oneness from one end of a polar spectrum to the infinite opposite (to the other)!

Mathematics - the highest number will ultimately lead back to one!

Our infinite being becomes more as one as we become more infinite!

…through each cycle from beginning to end, and a-gain!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Don't Judge... forgive!

We live in an environment of duality, with karmic forces. In this environment, an entity is its own worst judge.

Wisdom comes from the understanding, one cannot run from oneself.

Ultimately, you will face yourself, good and bad! But the Creator loves you no mater what!

A Light Workers task is to help people learn to forgive themselves. The Creator already has!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom


Think thoughts of hope and love, not death or hopelessness of being!

If you need to prepare for troubled times, troubled times will be.

If you need to make ready for an end, the end will surely come.

Your will commands all thoughts to its present form!

See EDEN and LOVE as the OUTCOME, without harm to that end!

Turn off the news and know you create from within!

I make ready for PEACE, LOVE and our JOINING!

Where do your thoughts dwell?

There can be only one voice, not two! Don't look for another in your dreams!

Don't expect to hear the sound of another voice in your head!

You are the VOICE!

Creation does not exist apart from you.

If you speak, so do we all!

Trust in the voice you know is your own!

Don't let fear stop you from asking yourself tough questions!

Running from answers by not asking yourself, what you, yourself, truly thinks about it, has caused you to run away from your own voice (habit)!

Trust in it!

If you know right from wrong, why not ask yourself, ‘What's the answer self”

You then speak for us all!


Talk to yourself!

Become aware!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Change Awareness by helping others access consciousness!

Higher thought does not mean (imply) complicated thought!

It means ‘aware thought!'

Aware thought is basic and liberating! It's fundamental and purposeful in application! It is yours simply through ‘intent!' Just think about it once in a while!

AWARENESS gets us connected! It's like linking into a collective INFINITE LOVING RESEVIOR with ALL THE ANSWERS!

Think about it! Create the idea that you are EVERYDAY BECOMING MORE AWARE! Tell yourself this often, with the intent of it occurring!

THOUGHTS shape ENERGY! Clearer thoughts, of a higher vibration, attract more light/love energy, and harness energy more harmonically, allowing for creation more easily.

INTENT; life/significance (the momentum to alter reality) by simply applying thought! Sometime visualizing an idea works (give it life through your imagination). Sometimes giving it a beginning or an end helps (the idea being that based on some imaginative starting sequence, and the probability of a particular event occurring) the thought becomes more powerful (to you within a linear environment)! The nature of the imagined situation is probably best when it supports the overall OUTCOME you INTEND (it's more plausible to you, synergies within the likelihood of occurrence)! Just the idea that you took the time to think upon AWARENESS to this degree (NOT SMART TIME, just more time) is really all it takes! YOU DON'T have to be a GENIUS, STUDIER of great tombs, GIFTED, or ANYTHING (OTHER than what you are now) TO BECOME AWARE! Just plug in more!

It's easy! Just say, “I am AWARE,” more often than you do now!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom


If you knew you could save humanity by thought alone, what kind of thoughts would you have?

If you knew you could harm life simply through the power of thought, how would that change the way you think on a daily basis? Would you be more or less conscious of life? How would you think? What would you think about?


INTENT; creation through thought!

Thought Power! HOW? Sometime visualizing an idea works (gives life to the imagination). Sometimes giving it a beginning or an end helps, the idea being that based on some imaginative starting sequence, and the probability of a particular event occurring, the thought becomes more powerful to you within a linear environment! Also, the nature of the imagined situation is probably best when it supports the overall outcome you intend (is more plausible to you; there are synergies within the likelihood of its occurrence)!

A visual construct might help: Imagine intention is stored within an electron (electric energy). Imagine the electron as a sack that swells with stored intention. The more you intend, the more the sack grows! Now this sack of intention, like a bee to pollen, goes out and attracts other like electrons (sacks), and these sacks start interacting with other inert energy that have no stored intention like neutrons and protons (the dark basically). Eventually they come together and form shapes (take on a spin, rotation and speed) that molds and binds them into the creation intended (thought to do)!

What you (in-VISION) imagine, can, will and does occur (to some degree), but it depends on how strong your vision is; how clear and how focused you become on every aspect of its potential reality, and how much you can feel that event occurring while you're visualizing. Go deeper; add substance to the vision by giving it a past association and a likely future probability. Imagine a set of simple circumstances, and base these circumstances on the likelihood of there occurring based on all the things you know. Then literally, WILL IT to be!

Let's assume you have a vision, but you don't apply much attention to the thought process. You think about a new car, but you don't visualize the nuts and bolts of the engine, or how you will get the money to pay for it, or what it would feel like to drive the new car, or what it smells like when you're in it, etc. Ultimately you get a car, down the road a ways, but not exactly the one you intended. You manifested ‘a' reality, but your vision wasn't absolutely clear. Essentially, it became clearer over time, when you abstractly thought about the idea, which was only once in a while, i.e., when you drove by a car lot and saw one similar to the one you envisioned, or when you finally scrapped up enough money for the down payment. The outcome, you got a car, but not the one you initially intended.

Without strong initial mental intent (thought power), your vision doesn't have enough clarity to properly manifest.

I envision humanity becoming spontaneously enlightened through the same dynamics as witnessed by the Hundredth Monkey Theory.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Reflecting on Past Information!

I believe we should have the ‘time' to be with our choices (our self) and reflect (re-member)!

(We need to reflect) Reflection; a byproduct of choices (a reflection from projection)!

We learn by reflection, in the moment! We consider information! ‘All information' is inherently a past tense tool.

In this way, we are basically just reflections of moments!

We live in a word of our own projections, a virtual hologram of our 3rd dimensional experience. All those reflections together create the hologram. A hologram of events, all given life, based on information, which is a past tense tool!

THE RESULT OF CHOICES; everyone will become more of what they resonate within!

Most people choose to resonate with love (which eventually leads to their joining with all souls on that frequency).

This is a great time for change, time required for fundamental shifts in consciousness to take place, an elevation of understanding, an awakening (a gift of humanity's to its self, which was born of compassion and love, through trials and tribulations, and requested, is now a reality, and touching humanity everywhere). I would even go so far as to say, your genetics are changing! Sleeping codons are awaking!

Cities may not be the most ideal places to live, if they exist along the coast lines, because the electromagnetic impulses bombarding our atmosphere will continue increasing. It's a catalyst to change, and warms things up a bit (this is really the reason for the green house affect, etc.). All the planets in our solar system, have been warming up, even Pluto, which has been moving away from the sun! Reason, our solar system and every planet in it, are aligning with the core of the galaxy! 1012! The reason for the Mayan calendar, all the pyramids designs, and so much more! Kind of interesting!

Your CHOICES are NEVER BAD where love is concerned! They are only looked upon as bad by the self (and so we punish ourselves)! DON'T EVER!

A POINT OR ORDER: The choice of giving birth or having an abortion is yours! But it is their choice whether to evolve through a conception or not. Each soul makes their own unique choice from an infinite number of choices. Everything you do in the future is driven by choices. But when it comes to another soul, their choice is theirs; yours is yours! FREE WILL in both instances! The choices we make are ALWAYS PERFECT, no matter what the outcome, for every soul!

Okay, I've reflected enough...

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Democracy to Republic to What Again!

With a deep sigh I witness, our current establishment abominating even the word democracy, to the point where its definition gives a negative resounding emotional connectivity to almost everyone!

How can (WE ALLOW) a human to be taught, death is ‘A Way!' This must and absolutely does fundamentally change the way a person will view life forever!

Today, media and capitalism manipulate and manufacture public opinion, which tolerates a government that can give its people an IN YOUR FACE right hood proclamation of any such action! They manipulate us on the level of our perceptions, even meaning, because they change the meaning to another (darker) meaning (and they didn't even have to change the word)! These powerful few, who faithfully proclaim to humanity, through their tuning tools of persuasion, “Death is okay! Because we can get something we want!”

What can be more valuable than life? CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Death is acted on, and propagated, as a BENEFIT a BENEFACTOR - And our children are born, listening, growing, and learning; learning to fear, learning to hate, learning to kill; learning systems of thought, systems of rules and procedures, and eventually systems of law, which do not stand FOR WHICH THEY STOOD! WE ARE FOR WHAT THEY STAND, at least once upon a time!

The soap box to you kind REPUBLIC!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Event-u-all Understanding!

How can we judge any belief system that ultimately has an affect (an event impact)? Is it real? Is it real to the believer? Is it real to all of Creation? What is the definition of real?

What if events or non-events are created by belief in them? What if events are created (shaped, molded) by human consciousness, perhaps all consciousness; literally everything? What if each of us has a choice, which can be uniquely different from everyone else's choice; a veritable smorgasbord of uniquely different possibilities? What if we can choose whether to believe or not, which in affect makes it real or not, and thus a factor or not on some level, on all levels? What if an event is seen and felt to varying degree, depending on one's state of consciousness and awareness, and the nature and quality of the environment? What if we have the ability to raise or lower our frequency such that we decide the outcome and the impact of each event? What if an event is particular to a dimension, or dimensionally infinite? What if the creator and the observer each exist within their own dimension, which further diversifies the impact and also the EVENT-ual understanding? What if the events are already behind us, or in front of us, but we think in terms of time which limits our ability to grasp an event in its entirety? What if each event is part of a cycle destined to repeat itself? Do we have a choice? How do you know? Does an atom have a choice? Is an event preordained without question? What if we ascribe qualities to an event that can be seen, felt or heard, so it can be understood in simpler terms, which limits our ability to explore, understand, and express the total sum of an event? What if it is beyond our comprehension to even ask the right questions? What do you think?

Perhaps we should each seek our own answers, our own truths, and accept each belief as no less real, and no more valid than another.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Freedom & Oppression!

Like the sounds of great music (Beethoven), or the displays of great works of art (Picasso), the inspiring words of wisdom (Gandhi), or themes of great movies (Rocky), the realization of the impossible (breaking the 4 minute mile), or the enrapture of love, all these experiences have at their heart a message, a vibration, a frequency that lifts-up the human spirit to moments of higher actualization. We ARE MOVED by these MESSAGES! They open up our doors to NEW realities, they whisper, you can go farther, be anything, think differently, and have THE FREEDOM to get there!

FREEDOM encapsulates everything the human spirit desires - the unlimited opportunity to explore itself (go further, add more, live in a bigger way)!

The opposite of Freedom is Oppression, which may be an idea, a reality, an understanding, a rule or situation that has (at its ESSENCE) a restriction; a limitation; a boundary; a boundary to furtherance! A boundary to something MORE!

We want to go another step, another mile, another level, to another understanding, to another point, to another dimension, to another venue, to another version of what is possible, TO SOMETHING MORE – to ANOTHER anything, in any direction! That is the point!

Oppression is any restriction on YOU!

GOD'S NATURAL WAY of EXPRESSION, which is shown to you unlimitedly, is FREEDOM!


When you write a thought, or orate a speech, compose a song or paint a scene, remember to FREE up the audiences spirit to higher plateaus of expressions – give them HOPE, give them possibility, give them LOVE!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

The Word Evil!

Good and Evil? Can they be defined?

There are many that would say STS (service to self orientation) constitutes greater evil.

But, think in terms of your awareness to your parts; the more of your parts you are aware of, the more you will serve those parts (in essence serve others) naturally (because you recognize the fact that you are the sum of all your parts – you are more aware)!

And think about the actions of many non-human species that are only AWARE OF THEMSELVES! They act in bestial fashion (like many people). Christ said it best, “Forgive them, because they know not what they do.” STS people act in terms of their own needs, wants and desires, without knowing why that is ultimately wrong!

A spider (less aware) may bite you for no reason, is that evil? NO? It's a creature of lower awareness, and lost in some Self Serving operation.

There is no right or wrong, or black or white, or any form of duality in the end, or that existed in the beginning, within a perfect structure (spirit).

The story ends the same for EVERYONE! WITH LIGHT & LOVE! We have free will, and therefore the choice in how to get there (but all roads will lead home for everyone)!

Evil is better understood as a byproduct of awareness (which can be thought of in terms of frequency)

Are ya attuned, or just tuning in??

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Thought on the Laws of One!

People you encounter, like energy, emit a frequency, the attractant, (i.e., a graviton (gravity) particle flowing between us creating the attraction). Like all bodies of mass, we attract and affect all mass around us (outside ourselves); without doing anything! HOW?

Like the sun that warms you up with its higher emanations; by simply being. People with different levels of awareness affect you with their different emanations. It happens automatically! And it gets stronger with proximity!

It's all just frequency!

Get close to sun and it heats you up!

Live close to a person with a higher frequency and it will heat you up (increase your frequency).

Just as sun gives off warmth; everything gives off frequency. Like the Sun's rays, there is nothing you need to do, but just be, in existence (which you are) to have an affect. You have to do NO-THING to have an impact on the planet.

The higher your awareness the higher your frequency! The higher your frequency, the more you raise the frequency of all things around you! And the more you will attract things (or beings) of like frequency.

All you need is love (probably the greatest Beatles Title ever); it's the binder to all our parts; the key to awareness; to recognition of our higher-selves (which is the greatest sum of our parts).

Love yourself unconditionally, because you are unconditionally loved by your higher self! HOW COULD YOU NOT BE?

I must deduce that if there are other intelligent life forms from far away galaxies here, then their higher levels of awareness (higher frequencies) have impacted our own levels of awareness (raised our frequencies) by virtue of their proximity.

Just like a planet has an affect on the electrometric frequencies of other planets, we have an affect on the electromagnetic frequencies of other people!

But there is no such thing as distance? (Let's leave that topic for another time) But there is no such thing as time? (Like I said...

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Do you need a MASTER to GIVE you MASTERY?

When you see another person with qualities you desire (admire, wish to emulate), does this mean you are less desired? Why? Who says so? Who told you that?

A STUDENT – MASTER relationship begs the understanding that a process can be dictated and taught (a hierarchy of control can be established) by someone, for the furtherance of a specific and/or desired outcome. These lessons (systems) are often undertaken by faith; often blind faith.

The establishment of a teacher-student hierarchy is not the goal of a spiritual master! Such an establishment, in affect, promotes the notion of one right system or methodology, the idea of right ways and wrong-ways, the notion that there exists higher-ups and lower-downs.

A true spiritual master builds tools for discovery, but does not instruct. A true master encourages and promotes freedom of expression and choice for self discovery, showing the tools but not instructing in their use!

If there are seven billion people on Earth, then there are seven billion masters; and each one simply awaits your calling!

Everyone has a perfect guide; an inner master within, SPECIFICALLY designed for your own unique personification!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you. Then you win.” by Gandhi

Ask yourself, how many times has this scenario proven to be true in your life?

If love is your response, your answer, your methodology, your reaction, your tool to victory, from beginning to end, then you will win! But, if your mind, heart or actions indicate or promote even a remote desire for retribution, judgment or baser outcome against those who have attempted or instigated an affliction upon you, then by necessity, a karmic force will act upon your being.

The quote revisited, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you. And you love them from beginning to end. Then you win!”

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” By Gandhi

Gandhi's statement shows a man of great depth, inner power, and awareness! Such words come from his intimate connection with creation and all of humanity, his knowledge and understanding (awareness) of the dynamic link between Consciousness (thoughts, feelings and intentions; the force behind change; the use of our parts) and its impact on Energy (matter; creation; the physical universe; our parts).

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom


You are boundless love and creativity, creating reality from thought! You are what you think! If not, imagination would have boundaries!

I am at the beginning, AWARE, and I can ‘never' go back!

Transcend imagination! Just imagine it!

Real is within you!

Talk to yourself! DON'T THINK!

How quiet can you make yourself!

Try projecting yourself forward.

IMAGINE (the key word here) what YOU really want!

And project thoughts, love thoughts of higher being, warmth, goodwill or anything that you ‘can imagine' to occur, because you asked of it!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

If you allow something else to cause you a negative thought… then you allow something else to manipulate your thoughts…

When we allow others the ability to manipulate us (conform us), we are no longer people but more likened to cattle, fodder, pawns in the game of life.

It is all too easy to do; by simply causing another anger, or showing them fear, or providing them ANY DISTRACTION which causes them to illicit a negative thought (fear, hate, loss, anger, regret, etc) which leads to an emotional consequence in a persons’ physiology. There is a chemical release stored in the body, which actually leaves a residue build-up (the reason we get sick).

If I can poke you, prod you, or even cause you to WANT to fight… you no longer think about YOURSELF! AHHHH, yes… the root of all evil – less awareness, purgatory, whatever… You don’t learn about YOURSELF! You’re too busy being led with your thoughts… THIS IS WHAT BAD PEOPLE DO (Totally unaware)!

This is the force against humanity (the reason for ‘you’ being here)… Your consciousness (you being aware of you)!

Interestingly, and accounted for by EVERY major great text, a situation which causes us to project a certain way (i.e., when we raise our voice in anger), which causes angst (imbues the situation with a baser thought/emotion) within the self (and notwithstanding, everything else around the self), IS THE RESULT OF SELF. You PROJECT what you are, unto (and onto) the rest of the world. It is a mirror of what you manifest on the inside (from within). It all starts and ends with YOU! But, by letting others manipulate our expressions, we never become AWARE, and so we repeat the lessons again… and we thus go round and round.

What’s the stakes? YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS (U)

Do you let your mind be led?

POWER IS! It resides within you! Force is an exertion of effort, causing reactions in a world of effects. Power always wins over Force! Force is applied! Power just is! You are power! Your thoughts are the force! Power can never be given, it can only be granted! Power is permanent! Force is the catalyst to cause and affect! Power is unchanging, ever present and it' the only constant of the two.

Force is unnecessary when you understand your true power!

Aristotle, Gandhi, Jesus, and many others, accessed higher levels of consciousness! Many call it the Christ Consciousness. There are many levels of consciousness. Just think in terms of a vertical line that goes in both directions forever, where each increase in upward movement gives you access to more higher thought information; residue information (in the light/electromagnetic spectrum) contained within quantum/subatomic particles! The higher your frequency, the more like Christ you will desire to become, and the more your consciousness will turn to even higher thoughts. As you move higher on the vertical line, you'll understand things to a greater degree through instant awareness, not through learning! Notwithstanding, the more information you access at any one time, the more time you will desire (require) to reflect on this new level of awareness and its relevance to you (gain appreciation and knowledge of). It's like being given telepathy but without the idea of hearing another voice in your head. You simply know, you can trust your own voice more, and you recognize that you are the only voice. “I AM!”

After a period of enlightenment, some of the things you will begin to question and discover include, understanding on the most basic levels, which will allow you to simplify your life. You will understand your true purpose, and you will begin to identify with what is, and is not important to your existence. What you need to learn will become more obvious, and you will begin to focus with clarity on all systems of thought. Most of things you've learned up till that point, become irrelevant, and you discard them like old garments and begin to move beyond past conditioned understandings, which have only hindered the ability to see things as they truly are (at there most basic level). You know, just like a fish knows how to use its fins to swim when it's born, how to access more areas of total consciousness.

When you become instantly aware of something, you know, but your brain has to catch up and process what happened via application (what does it mean to me). For some people it feels like they are remembering things they once forgot. The remembering period can last for days, months, or even years!

Instant awareness and experiencing something to gain knowledge are two different events. First there is awareness of ‘I AM.' Awareness is instant! Knowledge then follows! When you are enlightened, made instantly aware, it is a knowing; a feeling; an extension of yourself, like an instant 3rd leg. These insights don't immediately translate into knowledge until the new awareness is understood in terms of its application to the self. We need time to understand it in terms of what it means to us in the moment of our expression, which is the basis of knowledge. Just like intuition, it is instant, but the ramifications need to be experienced to be understood!

Instant knowing does not mean instant understanding. I know I AM, but what AM I?

Inner reflection time and love are the keys!

You need only thought to create. Thought comes first, than action. Thought is primary; in essence, it is the substance of creation. Imagination allows for liberation of thought without restriction to time, place or form. Everything is a GIFT, even knowledge. Creating with knowledge is an expression. Exploration of knowledge is an unraveling of constructs to its bare essence. Enlightenment (insight) comes in a flash. Understanding comes with application. You cannot become enlightened by hard work or study. You must mediate for it (Pray)!

There are two doors to open, consciousness and imagination! Imagination involves developing thought (idea) to experience oneself in a new way! Accessing consciousness is accessing knowledge that already is; it's something we access by talking to ourselves, in order to review, analyze, and assimilate an experience; the review and analysis of thought (from which everything is created).

Imagination is the creative force! Consciousness just is! To create you need to access your imagination. To become aware you need to access consciousness. Both constructs work together beautifully!

To create intention, you need only think. In some form it will manifest, but it needs definition (internalization, abstraction, point of reference, origin, quality, etc) to bring it into focus. The more definition you give to your intentions the more likely they will occur as originally intended. But like a dream, they can be lost in a haze, because the mind did not bring them into focus.

Those who accomplish their goals in life, see themselves there first!

What you (VISION) imagine, can, will and does occur (to some degree), but it depends on how strong your vision is; how clear and how focused you become on every aspect of its potential reality, and how much you can feel that event occurring while you're visualizing. Go deeper; add substance to the vision by giving it a past association and a likely future probability. Imagine a set of simple circumstances, and base these circumstances on the likelihood of there occurring based on all the things you know. Then literally, WILL IT to be!

Let's assume you have a vision, but you don't apply much attention to the thought process. You think about a new car, but you don't visualize the nuts and bolts of the engine, or how you will get the money to pay for it, or what it would feel like to drive the new car, or what it smells like when you're in it, etc. Ultimately you get a car, down the road a ways, but not exactly the one you intended. You manifested ‘a' reality, but your vision wasn't absolutely clear. Essentially, it became clearer over time, when you abstractly thought about the idea, which was only once in a while, i.e., when you drove by a car lot and saw one similar to the one you envisioned, or when you finally scrapped up enough money for the down payment. The outcome, you got a car, but not the one you initially intended.

Without strong initial mental intent (thought power), your vision doesn't have enough clarity to properly manifest. 

The Secret to attainment, of anything, love, power, money, success, happiness, friendship, etc., is thought! THOUGHT POWER!

What do you think about? How do you think? These questions determine your methods of thought.

The mind is creative! It is a discoverer! It enjoys the process and methodology!

At Christmas time, we wrap our gifts! WHY? At Easter time, we hide the eggs! WHY?


This is the beauty in existence… It is the reason for reasoning… It makes us excited and interested… It gives us variety and stimulation… It makes us glad to be a part of it, and so we look forward to our tomorrows (left to be discovered)!

Creation has endowed you with complete omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, but it is only appreciated (valued) through your own efforts of discovery and application.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

As seekers of truth, we often look to outside sources to gain insight and information. This source can take on many guises, including a book, a teacher, a prophet, a parent, etc. When you listen to, or read the words and works of others, no matter what the source, you immediately, and in most cases, even without any apparent thought or realization that it's happening, compare their words, their understandings with what resonates within you; you base it against your truths or sense of truth!

Given this phenomenon, it most assuredly emphasizes the fact that each entity creates (co-creates) with the Creator a method, a path to take that is more in-synch, more correct for the identification and use of the internal navigator (the bridge network between you and your higher self).

We DO NOT need to build a better bridge to connect with the soul, or the Creator, or do anything inside (outside) ourselves. We do not need to connect a telephone wire to the source (essentially try to build a better mouse trap), because it is ALREADY BUILT for you. You cannot make it more evolved, or improve upon it, or enhance it in any way! You only need to access it! You need to become aware of it from within! You are the active, directive, progressive, seeker of understanding! How each of us accesses information will be different and unique. The Creator knows this and desires this.

Your understanding and method of communication will be more direct if you go directly to the source (seek the answers within). But, like many, you can always wait for the Universe to send you a messenger, if that is your wish. But the messenger is not you, and thus the message (coming from an outside source) may be lost in translation (interpretation because of our unique perceptions, biases and resonating truths).

If you ask questions, or hope or pray without defining exactly WHAT YOU WANT, the Universe will respond with silence. It is designed this way! You are the DIRECTIVE FORCE! A response will only occur when you TELL the universe what you desire, what you wish to experience and what makes you ultimately happy!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

How do you perceive yourself? Would you consider yourself a God if you were being adored, prayed to by ants? Would you want to be God of the ants if you were an ant? Does a higher being consider it important to be a God? If the spectrum of what is possible is infinitely larger than itself and infinitely smaller, does it matter? What would a supreme being think of the idea of becoming a God? 

We are all Creators and Co-Creators, and should realize, like distant stars, we are seen as immensely powerful, Godlike to other less aware conscious beings, but so are they to still other infinitely smaller awareness beings! EVERYTHING is Godlike and Perfect, and realizes this fact at one point or another!

Being King of the Hill is not as important as showing others how to climb the hill!

There is no up or down, more or less, or any distinction between energy units, which is basically what we are. The only distinction is the amount of energy a unit attracts (like attracts like)! If an energy unit attracts more units than another, the amount of energy the unit will apparently give off will seem like more, but in essence, it's just in synch with more of itself, and thus appears bigger or more powerful (touches upon more of itself)!

Every conscious unit has energy, the energy to form matter. Matter is simply energy formed using electromagnetic poles (which are in essence, emotional intensity levels). You are at the center of the magnetic structure (i.e. a line with a mid point) and your outward extensions (arms, legs, thoughts) have attraction points from one end of the spectrum to another (like a magnet). But instead of a magnet, imagine a magnetic ball where you are at the center.

Energy begins to take shape in 3 dimensional form using principles of repulsion and attraction to form its size and distance from each other. An example would be a 2 dimensional triangle. It has 3 points where poles come together and also remain distant. Each pole is emitting a different attraction force based on the intent of the creator (other conscious unit's emotional desire and power of thought which dictates its shape), giving it 3 points. Imagine 3 magnets each put together to form a triangle, where each magnet has a positive and negative charge that attracts and repulses the other angles to form the triangle.


REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom


The soul needs inner reflection. The calling of all that IS, I(s), is calling from the dimension only reached within the mind (prayer is one small example of a mediation).

Prayer was actually intended to mean, a quiet time for reflection within the mind! That is where the wise men tred and go'ed.

What's amazing is, the more you meditate, the less you need, the more you get, the less you care, the more your there…

The mind is the link to the DOORWAYS!


REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

When ‘love' doesn't work, then in that moment you do not love yourself enough!

Love is the highest order of consciousness, in the highest dimension, in the highest ascension of singularity. Love is the creator, because no other word will do! It is this complete love that is all kindness and all compassion, all grace and all blessings, all forgiveness and all parenting, that makes-up all parts of you!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

The old saying, “think before you act,” seems vitally important; however in reality it is totally unnecessary! If you stop all thought and just be for an instant, you will proceed with a greater sense of oneness (awareness). You would be more likened to a god in a perfect state of perfection.

Thinking is something we do because we are meant to learn and apply knowledge to shape our realities, but in truth, reality is perfect, just as it is! Thought leads to more thought, which leads to more thought, until unified awareness is attainted; a stasis requiring no thought; a conscious existence which does not require action (we stop acting and/or reacting from emotion). Acting basically signifies you want control of your environment through your own deeds. Why? Because you don't trust that everything is perfect or that everything will work out perfectly (you think instead)! You take control consciously not trusting to your higher state of being; a Being which is already perfect, and which doesn't need to think or act. All a perfect Being's desires and needs are satisfied in a state of perfect union with everything, because it knows it is everything without thought! It just is!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

MUSIC! The beat! The rhythm! The verse! Expressing symphonies of feeling through tone!

Music is an art form that can transport us to another place and time. It can alter our thoughts, our moods and our tastes! Like a dream, music virtually propels us into a different state of being! Sometimes this force sucks us in, changing us forever, and alters the very fabric of reality!

Like traditions, varying, or cultures, changing over time, like people of different races, faces and fancies, music has immense diversity, which is almost incalculable in scope! Music can literally transform us! From the first word to the last tone it has an impact! It is also impacted by everything else, from inception through creation, and eventual emission!

Music is an experience, but more importantly it can be a tool to new experiences! Through music we can learn about other cultures, how they feel, how they communicate, and therein gain a broader understanding for other life, all life, which is an expression of the infinite!

Listen to the sound rain drops make on a forest canopy or dolphins emit out at sea. Listen to the sound of a person playing the pan flute or the cry from a new born pup. Listen to the tonality of another human voice or the beat of another human heart. From such sounds music finds its beginning! Sound being the root and music being the collection.

So toot, toot, toot your horn, and play for me! I'll be listening! Because, whatever tunes you sing, or sounds you make, or music that moves you, I want to hear it and discover something new in myself!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Judge (to evaluate – determine the value of) ment (an action/process)!

Judgments are NOT impartial; they are inherently relative to the knowledge, perceptions, sensibilities and biases of the evaluator (the Judge).

Judgments are imperfect! The method of their determination and their underlining import, are NEVER unanimous at a universal level.

Judgments change as cultures change, as traditions change, as people change – AND you will change! This is a universal law; the only constant! All other universal laws do not change; they only become better understood as we gain knowledge and appreciation of them. The other 3 universal laws are, you exist, the one is the all and what you put out you get back.


The answer is FEAR!

We fear what we cannot define! We fear what we cannot control! We fear because we know mortality! We THINK we can be hurt! We THINK we can be forced to change in any way or in a direction by an outside influence! But most importantly, we THINK we die, never to return (it is this underlining belief that limits us the most and causes us the greatest fear)!

If you knew you could not die, or be hurt, or be forced to change in any way, you would NEVER know fear - EVER! If you REALLY understood your own PERFECTION, OMNIPOTENCE and OMNIPRESENCE, you would not fear death! You would invariably allow life (all life) to live in accordance with its own desires, its own style, its own way and relative sense of purpose and scope of activity. You would learn to love deeper and appreciate things on a grander scale. You would behold, express and rejoice to every new thing (infinite variety, affording us infinite expression, and journeys, which can only be made possible through change)!

Can you not see now WHY, why the Creator loves you NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! The Creator has no fear! No worries! No judgments! Only love!

Live in a manner more attuned to your higher-being! Follow the example of the Creator! You have that power!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Imagine a ball (representing the known universe). In this ball there are atoms (representing every particle of consciousness in the known universe). Imagine every atom emanating electric currents from its core, which reach out and touch (join/overlap) every other electric current emanating from every other atom in the ball. Imagine you are in the ball, and just like an atom you emanate electric currents, which are blending with all the other electric currents emanating from within the ball. Imagine these electric currents are telephone wires! Imagine these wires are traveling to all parts of the ball and sending and receiving messages.

When we are awake, like telephone wires, we send our electric currents out everywhere, but we send more current toward a focal point (where our attention is drawn at any given moment). We are in essence, making a telephone call to a specific location.

During a period of mediation, imagine emanating electric currents everywhere, which reach out and touch (join/overlap) with every current in existence, from one point in the galaxy (you) to all others points (everything else). Imagine this current emanating out from your center, 360 degrees in every direction. This is one way of becoming one with everything! This meditation can link you subconsciously with all life, all information, all frequency, all time, and every dimension.

In our waking state we tend to focus our energy! Essentially, we limit ourselves! In the meditative state described above, we open-up and experience a joining with all energy! In this instance, there is no limit, no compartmentalization of our ability to give off or receive the force inherent in all of Creation! We become one (blend) with everything everywhere!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Have you ever gazed upon a work of art, so beautiful, so transcendental, it drew you into the scene it depicted?

Have you ever heard a melody, a symphony, that had the power to enrapture, and then been transported to another place in time?

Have you ever read a poem with a message so touched with meaning and depth it took you to another world of thought?

Have you ever been inspired by a philosophy or belief system that rang so true, it shook the very core of your being?

Music, art, poetry, and philosophy trigger DNA through catalytic images, words or sounds by their ability to make you see, hear and feel differently (BETTER)! Our DNA is actually designed to respond and awaken (activate) to natural beauty, images, words, tones, music, and other external forces.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

If you have a situation, with a conflict of conscience, and the truth is buried, you in essence deny an opportunity to build a relationship with yourself! But, if the truth would change a relationship utterly, would you tell the truth? Maybe you'd choose not to face the truth as a consequence?

Truth is a path to Freedom! It frees you from your own oppression! Look inside yourself and ask the question! And never run from the answer! Just seek to understand the motive. The key to a more harmonious outcome, is to deliver the truth with love! Character, depth and wisdom can be garnered from acting from truth, because sometimes you need to dig for it, dig deep into yourself, and also garner the will and the moxy to be straight. When you ask yourself tough questions in order to find the truth, you build a relationship with yourself; you become a person of depth (depth in awareness of who I AM).

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

If every one of your wishes always came true, would you know the value of the things you wished for? Would a wish become meaningless?

If you were born sucking bliss on tap, and this was all you ever knew from beginning to end, would you know the value of what you had? Would you know desire?

If you born experiencing only absolute love, and nothing else, would you know the value of love? Would you think to question? Would it ever matter?

I say, give me pain so that I may know (value) pleasure! Give me death so that I may know life! Give me dark so that I may know light! Give me polarity! YOU GOT IT! Now give me the wisdom to know the value of what I already have!

Recently, a lady asked me a question, “What can I do? My X-husband has joint custody of our children, and he's not a kind, caring, or a loving person!”

“Your children will be stronger and wiser as a result of their situation. They will value kindness, care and love more in life, because they live in a situation which provides the opposite of those qualities. Duality let's us experience both sides of situation, without which we would not be able to learn why one experience is better than the other.”

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

The Ego is a conscious mechanism stemming from a limited awareness, which sees the self as separate from the whole; as a singular identity (entity) with no magnitude and relativity beyond the self. The Ego is the catalyst, the reason for the cycle of reincarnation. It is the layer (the wall) between the world of spirit and the world of matter. The Ego feels it maters most, and thus it cannot let go of its seemingly visible parts (life on a physical plane). It gains understanding through the world of physicality through understanding of its unique persona (personal guise).

Let the E-GO go! Start to imagine a world within and without existing on levels beyond the self and beyond the physical universe. Teach the Ego to understand itself (I) in terms of its larger self (YOU); a universe beyond sight; apparent through interconnecting grids of energy. If all of Creation was thought of as one big spider web, then we would each be a unique angle on the web; each connected, but each experiencing a unique (angle) part of the web.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Spiritually, we all know we are a-part of something bigger! You feel this at your core being! And if you don't, you feel a lack thereof!

Sometimes we meet people who feel something is missing from their life, like a whole exists in their being that can't be filled; it's just felt! Always searching for something or someone to make the loneliness go away! Complete me the soul cries out!

The cry is from that part of us that still feels incomplete. And this disharmony of thought affects us all, as we are all one!

We seek company; company within (a creator), on some higher level, and company without (other living things)! It's reasonable to assume, that is why others are a part of the equation. It is a manifest desire of creation to love more; deeper and infinitely!

Not even the Creator sought to be alone! Think on that when you meet a stranger, part of you that needs a hand!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Each night, before you go to bed, reflect upon the past; on a moment in time when your thoughts and/or actions turned ugly, and the outcome was anger for another person, or some other lower emotion. Think back on these moments and FORGIVE the person or people that caused you to feel this way, and then forgive yourself. Finally, send a thought of love to those involved!

THIS IS A PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT! One needs to forgive to transcend the limitations of time and karma, and do so with love!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Do you need answers? Do you wonder what to do? Do you desire the best possible outcome?

In thought, before any action, ask yourself this question, “WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?”

This will provide you with the RIGHT answer and the RIGHT course of action EVERYTIME!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

One action directed toward another soul that has beautiful intent, like a smile, a note of thanks, a warm hello, or even a moment of earnest interest for another's situation, can make your soul that much lighter (brighter). But can our daily actions that usually just benefit the self, be applied to help others?

Yes! The times we're opening a door! Our action would have more than one benefit; our access to the open door, and another's!

If an action can help the self, but that same similar, if not identical action (which you do for yourself every day) can help another person, include the other person! You don't have to change your behavior. Just share it more!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Live each day with the understanding that your options are limitless, but the best choice when deciding on what to do today, at any given moment, is to follow your level of highest excitement! This will lead you to the greatest understanding of yourself and help you awaken to your true nature.

For each of us, what excites us is different, if only slightly! And only you know what's right for you. Don't let fear or doubt, or anything deter you from choosing that option that makes you the most excited! Your personal vibration will affect everything around you, because everything around you wants you to be you! When you're excited, you will attract things that want to harmonize with you.

So don't put off that call, or wait for the something to occur, if what makes you excited is something you can do something about in this very moment.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Meditation techniques (there is no wrong way)! You will find it gets easier to visualize and imagine things the more your practice!

1.          Relax through breathing

2.          Imagine a beam of light coming into your head, or heart, etc.

3.          Look deep as you can into an imaginary black hole

4.          Imagine atoms, mist or fumes gently falling from above and descending into your body

5.          Listen to a hum, buzz, or faint nose in the air

6.          Feel emotions as deep as you can

7.          Talk to yourself, God, an angel, or any aspect of your higher self

8.          Relax in a beautiful imaginary destination

9.          Imagine being a love magnet and drawing love into your being

10.     Move your thoughts to different areas of the mind

11.     Imagine becoming one with an object

12.     Project your mind and awareness above the top of your head

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

WHY Meditate? WHY Love?

Sometimes affixes, suffixes and prefixes give us a clearer understanding of the origins of language (the reason why words were formed in a particular fashion). They give us a link to our roots. First we formed sounds that meant something to us, and then we coupled these sounds furthering our communications. Language took form!

Med (related to health) - it - ate (acts upon) [causes to become a curative]!

There are two keys to enlightenment, to the furtherance of a greater well-being in every area, which includes all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual areas, Meditation and Love!

Combined with love, meditation is a cure all; a cure for what ails the human condition!

It does not matter what religion or theological belief system you uphold, meditation (spending time with ‘a' higher power) and love are impact-fully beneficial, and not particular to any one ideology or methodology. They cross all boundaries, cultures and understandings to be applicable to everyone all the time!

Meditation separates us from other species, including animals! It is the missing link!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Open your mind and your thoughts to a new era in human understanding; a dawning of vision, of universal connectivity, which is awakening humanity. We are awaking! There is instant recognition of all life as sentient, important and desirable! With fervent glee and innate undeniability, we understand our perfection, our inescapable union, and our relevance as unique well bringers of expression, love, variation and joy! We are ONE but our uniqueness gives us all infinite expression and infinite joy which is continually carried back to the source of our totality! As we return (with the fruits from our lives and the joy from our expressions) so do we expand!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

From my Brother with a CHRIS MOORS influence!

Your higher self is not separate from you! It does not exist apart from you! It is you! It is the real you!

When your heart expands and you feel love for another, when peace comes over you at a moment of crisis, when you feel a connection to the postman, a cab driver and the store clerk, when inspiration knocks and realization begins, when your child gazes into your eyes with unconditional love that brings tears of joy to your life, and when music lifts-up your spirits while beautiful trees and flowers put a smile upon your face, this is a time when you and your higher self are working in unison (harmonizing).

The belief that your higher self is above you, somewhere out of reach, or that more of you must become a part of you, is an illusion! You don't need to be anything other than you are! You are PERFECT! You are ONE with all! And it is already so!

STOP LOOKING! Let the heart speak before the mind interrupts the real you! This is something that cannot be found, for it is not lost! You ARE the Angel you seek!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

We live in a world of projections and reflections!

You learn by reflection in the moment! And in each moment you consider information! Information which is inherently a past tense tool!

In this way, we are basically just reflections of moments to the mind!

We are living in a word of projections (born out of reflections), and visa versa. A virtual hologram is created which we interpret as a reality (physicality, 3-Dimensions). All those projections together create a hologram, which reflects back to/on us. We reflect and then project and then project on what is reflected. A hologram for observations is born, giving us information for experience and expression!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

We all have senses! They are how we interact with the physical world. You also have senses on the inside of yourself; electromagnetic impulses are one sense; an inside sense to gain a perception! You have many (infinite) to explore the Infinite!

When we try to hear a farther note, a higher note, a different note, we heighten our sense and thus our ability to perceive. We can do the same with each sense that lies within. A sensation of falling can be felt by visualizing the self falling. Imagine what kind of senses you'd use! In nightmares what senses are involved? Maybe a new sense that mutes a sense of time or space, or the absence of a sense, develops (is remembered)! Can you think of others? Now try to imagine using them!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

How can we judge any belief system that ultimately has an affect (an event impact)? Is it real? Is it real to the believer? Is it real to all of Creation? What is the definition of real? What if events are created by belief in them, created (shaped, molded) by human consciousness, perhaps all consciousness; everything? What if we can choose whether to believe or not, which in affect makes it real or not, and thus a factor or not on some level, on all levels? What if an event is seen and felt to varying degree, depending on one's state of consciousness and awareness, and the nature and quality of the environment? What if we have the ability to raise or lower our frequency such that we decide the outcome and the impact of each event? What if an event is particular to a dimension, or dimensionally infinite? What if the creator and the observer each exist within their own dimension, which further diversifies the impact and also the EVENT-ual understanding? What if the events are already behind us, or in front of us, but we think in terms of time which limits our ability to grasp an event in its entirety? What if we ascribe qualities to an event that can be seen, felt or heard, so it can be understood in simpler terms, which limits our ability to explore, understand, and express the total sum of an event? What if it is beyond our comprehension to even ask the right questions? What do you think? Perhaps we should each seek our own answers, our own truths, and accept each belief as no less real, and no more valid than another.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

It's hard to relate to an instant awareness experience, and further, to explain this to others, especially given the realization that most everything you've ever learned was incomplete and/or inaccurate. The right information was simply not taught!

How would you explain to others that you were instantly transformed with insight, which later led to understanding of the Creator, and the Creator's unity with everything including yourself, and that everything you do, and more importantly everything you think, has an affect on everything else, even the weather, and that eventually everyone will see things as God does and forgive and cherish every moment they've ever experienced, and that everyone you know is an eternal being and perfect, and that to gain full awareness they must become more loving, more compassionate, more like the Creator, who is in all things, but whose nature is simply to love to the highest understanding of that word, which is infinity larger, deeper, and more beautiful than any human could possibly imagine?

Don't think! Be grateful! And share the love!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

What makes you brave, you or the Creator, your experiences, or the Creator's plan, your past lives, or the participation of something greater than yourself?

What made you brave, you or the Creator?

If you were born small and not large, with deficiencies of limb, what would give you strength, your voice, your thoughts, your choices, your actions, your definitions?

What makes you strong? What makes you smart? What makes you?

Isn't it time you stopped doing it alone?

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Enhance your PSYCHIC self!

Intuition is generally spontaneous and sudden, and seemingly effortless. It just comes to you! This is on a similar vein with channeling, which is heightened when the ego takes a back seat! Gaining enlightenment usually occurs through a similar process/methodology, i.e., through meditation - listening to the sound of silence; by clearing the mind, and just being! All these are spontaneous and sudden modes of acquiring information.

Can you think of times when the EGO is almost non-present?

When you are dreaming! When you are barely awake! When you are entranced by a certain creative activity that is being accomplished with little or no real thought and/or effort!

Gaining psychic abilities can be a very simple endeavor; just think less, be, and practice at times when your ego is at rest!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

The silent teacher is most profound. The lessons are witnessed through example and also felt through the resonating quality (frequency) both given and received by recipient and source. The Teacher, in affect provides a frequency to a re-membered state of conscious awareness; a unification motivation; a desire for oneness with the Creator (all of creation).

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

In order to be in perfect harmony (in bliss), you must be in harmony with everything! In order to be in harmony, you need to cooperate with everything! Just as your mind needs to cooperate with your body for health, you must cooperate with all parts of yourself (you throughout all of time and in all dimensions)! At this level you truly appreciate and understand that which you are; one with everything! So be conscious of the consciousness that exists within everything, no mater (matter) how small! Be aware of the life force within each cell of your body and be open to ideas that make you more aware. Avoid anything that places limits on your understanding, exploration or expression.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Negative thoughts can do damage to others and yourself!

When you wish someone ill health, it may cause the other person to catch a cold, but ultimately it causes you to catch a fever or something worse. Even when you're hurting yourself, you're in essence hurting others, because everything is you! Recognition of this occurs as you become more aware. And at some point of awareness, this knowledge begins to impact everything you do! It defines you, and thus it naturally defines your purpose! You and your purpose become explicitly linked forever! They become compatible! They move in the same direction!

What you THINK (the FORCE behind energy) affects, manipulates, changes, molds and harnesses POWER (everything that IS).

     •     Force (Energy/Thought/Intention) + Power (Mass/God/What Is/You) = Reality

This is intimately understood by spiritual people who have found a Service To Other calling! It is their purpose, because any other purpose wouldn't affect their own parts (all there parts) in a more beneficial manner!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Access Information through INTUITION!

Intuition: Intuit (to know or grasp by feeling, not by learning) ion (a charged atom).

Intuitive people access information from “The Source;” knowledge of all there is, existing within energy vibrating at different frequencies. A picture or idea will sometimes just come to mind or words will pour forth, seemingly of their own volition! Sometimes, while working toward a vision, people manifest details immediately, but their minds usually can't understand the meaning of the vision, which usually remains unclear, until the work is completed (till they've worked toward the objective and found expression and meaning through the act of creating). Many people express thoughts and feelings through art, prose or song in this manner.

Intuition does not equate to intelligence, only a different level of awareness.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Every illness of the spirit will show up in the body as something gone wrong, i.e., cancer, obesity, near sightedness, lower back pain, etc.

Emotions leads to hormonal imbalance and discharges of energy that hit you in two ways, one through karma, and two, through the affect caused by the storing of that particular hormonal residue within the body.

All illness can be diagnosed and cured by simply locating the area of discomfort and/or pain within the body, recognizing what specific emotions lead to, are associated with, that kind of malady, and then dealing with the cause of the emotions.

ALL diseases known to man can also be cured by simply applying different electromagnetic frequencies to that area of the body! You've had this technology since WWII.

See “Rife electromagnetic therapy”

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

The ramification of lower (negative) thought is a violent planet and worsening human condition!

Do ever wonder why there is approximately as much water on this planet as there is water in the human body? Or why the planet's health seems to mirror the human condition?

An escalation of war and anger results in less good land, more diseases, less clean water, etc. The more evil we become in thought and action, the human condition within any given moment, the more negative energy nature must absorb. As the earth absorbs our negative energy (thoughts), it also releases energy. Energy, a product of thought, like a laser beam, goes out into the universe to affect everything. Energy cannot be vanquished, but fortunately, it can be transformed.

Let's transform this abundance of negative energy into something beautiful through thought!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

What is spirit really? Is it living intention; a corporeal soul; the essence of experience; the origin and catalyst of purpose & identity; the nature, feeling, quality or disposition characterizing something?

It can be said, you have spirit and you are a spirit! It's the root and cause; the essence of intention! It can be good, bad or neutral!

Being spiritual reflects a state of awareness about the spirit. Spirituality is the devotion to awareness of the spirit!

Spirituality is not a religion, it just IS!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

If it is possible for two people to see two different objects when the same object is shown them, or hear two different sounds when the same sound is emitted, then more than one reality exits. It would then follow, two realities can coexist, and further, that the number of realities that can coexist are infinite.

Invariably, information and experience, given our semantic differences and selective perception, will always yield a different point of view. Don't label one RIGHT or WRONG! Seek to understand!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

When you pass from this life into the next, how do you envision it? In your mind, ask yourself, what would the PERFECT never ending story be? Are dreams nonexistent in perfection? Do we gain experience for a gain? Does unity exist to a degree? What's Heaven like to you?

Pray to the highest guide, to the Creator of all that is, for answers!

What you dream you create! You dream what you become!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Change the World! How much time do you think that takes?

The strongest power is the power of love! Love wields more power (err, the light would never ALWAYS WIN) than might of sword, status or estate! The Creator gave us all that power, in equal accessible measure! Equal in our ability to USE - BECOME and CREATE with!

The meek shall inherent the earth! WHY? They wield the power of love!

Light is not the opposite nor equal of light. Light a match in a dark room and the darkness goes away. You cannot do the opposite. Darkness cannot be lit to make the light go away in any room where light exists. One small match can light an entire room of darkness. One small speck of darkness cannot do the opposite in a lit room. This is the power of light.

Hate is not the equal or the opposite of Love. Can you deduce why?

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Nothing, nobody dies, they just CHANGE FORM!

Those you 'think' you have to fight are just manifestations, one's you should ignore and always forgive. That is the reason for their significance! They are a GIFT in the form of a situation, asked for by yourself to yourself, so you can understand and experience in a more complete way!

Don't look to grow (sow) seeds of negativity, fear, or war when in witness of evil. Confrontation and justification for such action only leads to more of the same!


You can only win a war against the dark using principles of light (LOVE)! If you do otherwise, you perpetuate the war!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

How do we pray (by rote; by mechanical routine)?

How do we give thanks (by repetition of lines)?

Speak to God! Really speak to God!!

Would someone get upset if you always gave the exact same thank you, in the exact same way? (Is this a dumb question?)

GOD hears you!

Talk with God! Really talk with God!!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Through every birth, there is new awareness and application! And each time, beautiful and renewed, you radiate outward expanding further, to be felt everywhere! Both at the same time; expanding and retracting, like explosions and vacuums!

Greater awareness through implosions, leading to ever increasing explosions! Constant growth! More material dust! No Death! No ends! Renewed and more beautiful!

Oh what a life we live!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

When you need to feel love… Hug the Creator!

Imagine yourself standing in front of yourself. Imagine this person (Being) infinitely larger than yourself; an identical replica, only bigger. Now imagine yourself hugging yourself; your larger self joining and bonding with your smaller self. Imagine being embraced in an act of unconditional love (love shown yourself from your infinitely larger self). And go as deep as you can with this feeling!

This is the Creator; yourself at your most high; a point where there is no distinction between parts, no separation, because all your parts are one.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Stop, and take a moment to yourself!

Often, we move so fast through-out the day, we forget to notice the most important things; like the sound of the rain; the smell of the grass; the beauty of the stars; the whisper of the winds; the laughter of a child.

When you go to sleep tonight, take a moment to yourself, and remember those beautiful things. They can help us remember the beauty that's within, for as it is within, it is on the outside! They are apart of you; they reside within you! And each thought upon and on, is the catalyst to their creation!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Can you think of people in history who were filled with so much love that their mere presence could positively affect the most hennas of individuals? People with such inner beauty that their gaze somehow penetrated the core of even the most hardened of individuals, and left them tears of joy in witness of love! Their strength, their compassion, their love and their wisdom came from ONE SOURCE! These beings of enlightenment are loved and remembered by everyone, from every walk of life; Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Teresa, and others!

I pray to be more like these beautiful souls every day!

In a moment of prayer, reach out with your thoughts to embrace the essence which defines the actions and purposes of these beautiful souls. The essence is LOVE! Love is everywhere, residing in everything, and will flow into your heart if only you'll ask for it!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Look around you for a couple of seconds! What do you see?

Don't think! Thinking doesn't help you see any better!

Just be in the moment! EXPERIENCE IT!

Now close your eyes! Imagine being an octopus of pure love! Feel it! Imagine extending your tentacles of love out and around you, so everything is wrapped by your embrace! Imagine everything basking in your touch; glowing, warming and excited by your touch!

Now open your eyes!

How do you feel?


That is the power of LOVE!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Place a note, with these simple words, Love is here, under your mattress, or under the mattress of someone you love. It is a powerful voodoo, to do!

Rent the video “What the Bleep Do We Know” at your local video store! It may change the way you think – permanently!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

The art of VOODOO!

We are all connected! We are all parts of ONE!

What we do to others, we do unto ourselves!

What we do to ourselves, we do unto others!

Every thought, every action, every emotion and every expression we elicit affects the total sum of all that is! In this way, we are all practitioners of Voodoo!

What Vous (you) doo (do), you do unto all!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Truth is something that you cannot runaway from! It is what it is, and marks the true avatar of consciousness!

Truth is a way to self awareness! Truth is a way to enlightenment! Truth is important because it gives the basis, the facts from which higher understanding can be extrapolated!

You know the truth! You cannot hide it from yourself, and ultimately you cannot hide it from that which exists outside yourself! Everything is recorded and transmitted through energy! All information is accessible through consciousness.

If truth is colored or denied, it is folly; it then becomes a (self) manipulation, a (self) distortion of light and love on a journey to self discovery!

Set yourself free! Start with the truth, and then forgive yourself!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Spend a minute on a considerate act!

Whose life could you brighten today with a simple note of love, or a note of thanks, or even a note of recognition for something well done? It could be a loved one, a colleague, a coworker, a teacher, or a friend.

Keep the note short; perhaps one or two sentences (one is enough)!

“Doug, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work… Suzy, you are lovelier today than you've ever been to my eyes… Dean, your beaming smiles make every day more beautiful than the last... Dad, you're the greatest, and I just wanted to tell you that… Liz, without you, we'd have never done this good a job.”

Time spent cultivating a relationship, partnership or friendship, in this way, will foster greater satisfaction and wellbeing in your life than working strictly on tasks oriented on personal gain.

One or two minutes of time spent in this way, will garner more lasting rewards than a full day of work!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

You are the reason for everything! Everything was made for you! You are LOVED THAT MUCH! All of it, time, space, consciousness, the total sum of everything, every cause, every reason, all of creation, beginning to end, and again, was made for you!

Be thankful for existence! Rejoice! Send a thought of love to everything that is, and enjoy this eternal moment! Then say a prayer of thanks!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

If you knew you were eternal, knew karma was a fact of life, and you knew you couldn't ascend into the higher realms of existence until all beings ascended, then how would you view your neighbor?

Ultimately, you would have no sense of, ‘I'm better than someone else,' because you'd see things for how they truly are, interdependent. You'd have no ego!

You would express only your highest level of emotions within any given moment (LOVE & COMPASSION), or you wouldn't express an emotion.

Negative emotions induce hormonal responses that change how a person views & interacts with a situation.

If you run from a situation out of fear, the worst of emotional responses, you deny yourself the ability to understand the situation for what it is!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW the ANSWERS to ‘every' YES or NO question?

Atoms making up the cells in your body are aware, and collect and impart information via electromagnetic frequencies!

The body has its own INNER intelligence. It knows when there is something wrong, and you can consciously access this information! Your BODY can give you YES & NO answers!

SEE Kinesiology!!!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

In everyone there exists an infinite number of beings; infinitely higher in love and infinitely lower in fear. Each aspect of you is within you! When you call upon an Angel, or archangel, or any other entity, you call upon that part of yourself that you wish to identify with!

Call upon your HIGHER/HIGHEST SELF to guide you!

Your higher self will always be there to comfort you, because it is a part of you! Your higher self embodies more of those aspects that are loving, compassionate and beautiful. When you envision GOD, GOD is that personification of the highest you? Our higher self touches every soul, every plant, and every rock (everything) that is, because that which is, is us, at all times!

Higher beings love, in entirety, all that is!

If you do not love one part of yourself, i.e., another human being, then you do not love all parts of yourself. Expect to be taught this fact by yourself, through repeated karmic lessons created by your higher self.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

When you move to the next moment, do you project within that moment how your entrance into that experience will improve the demeanor of those you come in contact with? Do you see yourself showing smiles and projecting love in that moment? Can you picture the next moment with more love; love coming from everyone's eyes and beaming into your heart with a glow emanating from everyone's inner being?

These are ways to see the moment; the future; every future scenario before it comes to pass!

Change the way you interact with each moment by envisioning a beautiful reaction by others to your beautiful expression!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Imagine yourself, standing in front of yourself, giving yourself a big hug! How long did that hug last? How deep did you feel it within your heart? How strong was the feeling of love?

Now enhance those feelings by making the hug last longer, by making it feel more compassionate, or by abandoning all other thought to that single expression of love.

Use your imagination to go deeper! Go deeper into your imagination!

Spend time reflecting. Spend time with yourself!

That is how you wake yourself up!

You have to go through levels of self awareness before you can become AWARE! Go through the process. Think upon your past. Forgive and forget. And go deeper!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Every soul is a beautiful expression of love! And you are simply here to experience! But unless you go deeper, you won't touch that part of yourself that wants to experience life in a deeper way. Life is given true beauty, its highest level of significance by thought of love! To experience life in a deeper way, you need to let go of the past, be in the moment, and know with utter trust, in giddy abandonment of worry, work, or emotional attachments to anything, you are an expression of the infinite.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

There is “NO SUCH THING” as a bad person. There are only perfect beings in a state of confusion! SEE THEM THIS WAY!! By thinking this way, you allow them to see themselves in this way! Your higher thoughts will create more goodwill and harmony (and good karma), which will ultimately be more favorable for both parties!


A kind thought is a more powerful than an atom bomb!

I'd rather give love than gold. It's far more precious and more powerful!

USE the tools you have, YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR TIME, and YOUR LOVE!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Do you take in new information with the notion, prove it to me first? If you've never been to Africa, would you say that it exists? What proof of life is there beyond the molecular components of reality (i.e. atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, Hydrogen, Helium, etc.)

Many things that seemed impossible 20 or 30 years ago are now possible today. Television 100 years ago was unfathomable, like radio, flight, etc. (all invented not long ago)!

What if you were told, your DNA renews, expands and improves when you think about love or some other positive emotion? What if the opposite were also true, your DNA shrinks, contorts, and regresses when you think about FEAR or some other negative emotion?

NOTE: You think first, and then act! SO THOUGHTS ARE PRIMARY (more important)!

THIS IS the nature of reality. It's true, and it's based on scientifically observable, measurable, and empirically tested data!

BE LOVE! THINK LOVE! And, BE AWARE OF YOUR THOUGHTS! You will find you live longer, live healthier and live more fulfilled.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Your awareness of infinity, an infinitely vastly greater than Earth (and this dimension), recognizes that no physical thing is important. You don't take it with you when you go (on) except the real you (LOVING ENERGY)!

Spend a quiet moment to consider, if you knew there was no past (only NOW), and knew we reflected in the moment using the past as a point of reference, in essence creating a past in the present for our own reflection, what would that ultimately mean?

Contemplating these sorts of things helps unravel the veil of forgetfulness! It's a mater of KNOWING – KNOWING you are MORE than this Earthly riddle!

Go beyond and go deeper!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Your higher consciousness and your connection to everything are ALREADY within you!

Many people today are communicating with higher beings, seeing energy in its true form, hearing voices that resonate on a higher frequency and/or witnessing great spectacles from higher vibrations either through dream states, meditative states or during their conscious daily lives.

WHY THEM? You may ask! WHY NOT ME? Does this make me less special? Why I am not ‘blessed' in this way? WHY?

ANSWER! YOU ARE PERFECT and you are ALWAYS guided, aided and loved! MEDITATE and ASK for this form of awareness! IT WILL COME! Everything is you! EVERYTHING NEEDS YOU! NOTHING can exist without you!

Listen, don't think, be love, don't worry, and be aware!

A flower is only seen when you become AWARE OF IT!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Psychic ability stems from awareness, an open awareness beyond the senses! You are always aware! You view things from your awareness. In order to link into a greater part of yourself, which is a part of everything, which is everything (all is one), and be able to identify things beyond the visual, i.e., to remote view, psychic ability or telepathy, you must bring knowledge or visual constructs to your consciousness, in affect, making the there, here! Since you are everything, nothing is over there! You just believe things exist outside yourself, and this “belief system” limits you! To become more aware, simply tell yourself, I am aware! You are how you perceive yourself to be! Perceive oneness! Then you'll have total access!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Getting rid of a bad habit is simply a matter of shedding (not acknowledging) that part of you that does not exist in this moment! In the NOW, there is no past or future! Understanding this, and your innate power to be anything you choose in the moment, makes any personal change you desire simply a matter of changing how you perceive yourself HERE and NOW! You have this power at all times! Don't “choose” to forget!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Imagine yourself as being everything; then you can reach out to, as well as receive, the higher order messages of your being. When you do not open up your mind to your unlimited potential your vibration/frequency remains on a lower level. A closed mind is a choice, and when chosen, it is your will to experience only an aspect of who you are.

Limitations are in part, due to a lack of imagination.

Boldly go forth without doubt, guilt and insecurities, and reality will bend to your will.

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

What you do in the moment affects not only your present, but your future and your past! For example, if you learn a lesson of love, the lesson has an affect on you that transcends time, and becomes a part of you, as you are now, as you are at all times! In this way, what you think and do in the moment changes your reality, past, present and future! This is a blessing, because moments of positive action and thought, can in essence, collapse time, and karmic lessons you may have once experienced in the future (and the past) no longer (need) apply! You collapse time!

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

Sometimes when you try to put knowing into words, it can be tricky. Words are limiting.

I often get into conversations with my room-mate, a 24 year old actor. He is very enlightened, and our conversations are wonderful.

Sometimes we just say things!

And these are a few of the things Tyler Gallagher said...

“You know you are moving in the right direction in life when you wake up and everything around you is metal.”

“The definition of what is bad - when you cause anything uninvited pain. Pain is simply, any feeling you don’t want; something that hurts”

“Altering your looks: Your cheating yourself out of an experience you desired.

The true reward is gained by loving yourself as you are! Your physical form is perfect. Before you came here you chose your physical form for specific reasons that tie into your journey - Your physical form is meant to attract those people who were meant to be in your life. Don’t think that alterations to your physical form will make you more or less attractive, because ultimately how you ‘feel’ affects your physical form more. People who feel good, look good! People who cannot see true beauty (inner beauty) are blind”

“Nobody takes on the roll of the devil. No one is born into this world from a place of hate. In simpler terms, every baby is perfect. Evil is born through people letting their experience affect them on a negative level, and sharing that uninvited experience with others. “

“The measurement of ego is when one is in any place of feeling more superior then another.”

“Ego can come in many forms it can even disguise itself in a loving act of kindness. In a situation to where one is reliant upon another, the ego can’t see beyond the act of kindness even it hurts the other to receive it.”

“Hurting yourself hurts others, because you cannot disconnect the two!”

“Judgment; the creation of a boundary by a unique limited perspective!”

“When people make things complicated, I just can’t understand it! Simple is the answer, because that means they know it!”

REFLECTION by Douglas Newsom

If you lived forever, what would make you happy? What would you ‘want’ to ultimately be or experience (in a place with no end or no beginning)? Why? Do you know the answers?

What if the answers to these questions told (for told) to all, who and what you’d evolve to… (it is your desire to be this)!

Have you ever reached into the depth of your soul, and asked yourself, what defines me? What do I want to define me? Who will I be (happy being)? And consider those questions in a dimension without time. Follow your heart to the answers. They may be too big to swallow your mind around (that’s where words fail us, but not feeling, not intention).

We are all perfect & unique just different! No answer is ever wrong! But the answers we individually believe in, have a way of telling us ‘who we are’!

Douglas Newsom & Donald Newsom

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