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  • New to live internet talk radio?
  • Losing your good reputation with automated software systems?
  • Do you wish to market globally?
  • Unclear on internet talk radio?
  • Interested in high quality audio?
  • Are automated services lacking?
  • Is a live operator non-existent?
  • Looking to step up your game?
  • Needing a place to call home?
  • Ready to do it right, with style?
  • Audio podcasting walk-throughs
  • Use cell, skype, analog, codec
  • Audio studio setups: from the casual user to the professional
  • Live professionally engineered talk radio broadcasting - Yeah!

Let the Creators of the BBS Radio network help you Start Your Own Radio Program!

BBS Talk Radio, a website owned, created and maintained by BBS Network Inc., is now directly helping individuals, musicians, artists, bands, small radio stations, micro-broadcasters, podcasters, program talk show hosts, and everyone else find out how they can create their own internet talk radio program, at an affordable price. More info.....

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Tune in to the New Kid on the Block: BBS Radio. If you enjoy all types of excellent music, by the greatest unknown talent in the World, start listening to the playlist of BaBy-Sand forget the rest!

Starting your very own talk radio or music program is easy. It's Simple, Fast & Fun!

We can also offer you your own 24/7 shoutcast radio stream, which comes with your choice of a Centova Cast control panel or a WHMSonic control panel and an Auto DJ, all at an affordable price.

Start your own 24/7 radio broadcasts (or podcasts) playing only what you want, when you want. Use the control panel to easily get code snippets (to use and pass around), manage your live stream(s), change your audio playlist(s), alter your live listener page and more. It's what we use! BBS Radio, and partners, use the same system.

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