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  • New to live internet talk radio?
  • Losing your good reputation with automated software systems?
  • Do you wish to market globally?
  • Unclear on internet talk radio?
  • Interested in high quality audio?
  • Are automated services lacking?
  • Is a live operator non-existent?
  • Looking to step up your game?
  • Needing a place to call home?
  • Ready to do it right, with style?
  • Audio podcasting walk-throughs
  • Use cell, skype, analog, codec
  • Audio studio setups: from the casual user to the professional
  • Live professionally engineered talk radio broadcasting - Yeah!

Let the Creators of the BBS Radio network help you Start Your Own Radio Program!

BBS Talk Radio, a website owned, created and maintained by BBS Network Inc., is now directly helping individuals, musicians, artists, bands, small radio stations, micro-broadcasters, podcasters, program talk show hosts, and everyone else find out how they can create their own internet talk radio program, at an affordable price. More info.....

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Starting your very own talk radio broadcast is easy. It's simple, fast & fun! Check us out.

Professionally engineered live and interactive broadcasts that become globally syndicated podcasts, all at an affordable price. We do talk radio right!

• Fully interactive professional live broadcasts anyone can do from anywhere, with ease.
• Global syndication of podcasts, plus dynamic feeds to Major Portals. (iTunes, Stitcher)
• Complete social network integration for all our Facebook & Twitter fans.
• Many 'real time' performance statistics that are extreme, dynamic and accurate.
• All advertising & sponsorship revenues are yours to keep. We don't take your clients!
• No Gimmicks. No Limits. No Restrictions. No Censorship. No S#!%.

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